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This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


Balls Out: Nu Vagis is an adult 2D hand-drawn story driven Adventure/Visual Novel/Dating Sim game with a unique setting, tons of sexual & humorous stuff and a pack of very different girls.

2284 A.D. As a young member of a secret organization, you escape from an underground facility in the middle of a radioactive Mojave desert to face the dangers and pleasures of the sexy post apocalyptic New Wild West…


You will take the fate of an 18-year-old son of the Elder of the Bruhood’o’Spill into your own hands after he escapes from his native bunker at his 18th birthday to face the challenges of the harsh world outside. You will travel along with him through the dangerous Grossland, visit the glamorous neon city of Nu Vagis, fight New California Empire and the Flock of Tiberius for freedom, meet mutants, monsters, robots and of course a bunch of cool girls to help them overcome the difficulties of living in a post apocalyptic world.

For this, you’ll have to upgrade all of your S.E.X.U.A.L. parameters, raise your skills and gain all perks and achievements completing numerous quests and mini-games, learning to listen to others, understand their needs and act accordingly. All of these are truly essential for the young adventurer. But you’ll surely want to check it for yourself.


What we offer is:

  • Easily recognizable, good old world of the post apocalypse, yet repacked and totally reshaped with fun and love to the new world of the sexy post apocalypse
  • Zany and funny but at times truly dramatic story lines
  • Branching dialogues & uneasy choices
  • Beautiful, 100% hand-crafted art
  • Lots of juicy animated & controlled stuff
  • Awesome soundtrack, specially crafted for the game
  • Highly interactive environment
  • Multilayered maps for exploring local areas and the world both on foot and by car
  • Hundreds of locations to visit and hundreds of persons to meet
  • RPG elements like leveling up, upgrading skills and gaining perks
  • Inventory and monetary systems
  • Lots of mini-games

As for now, not all of the listed features are in the game. But we know how to make this stuff and we’ll introduce it in the nearest future.

Please, mind that the game is in active development and provided as is. There’s always a free version of the game for those who’d like to try it, but if you like the game and want the show to go on, consider joining us, contributing to the development and spreading the word about the game.

We are on Patreon, Subscribe star.adult and Itch.io. You can buy the game at Itch.io but if you become our patron/subscriber, you’ll get not only the latest version of the game but additional stuff like:

  • The links to the LATEST ALPHA/BETA/STABLE builds of the game;
  • Patron-only news feed, roadmap updates & voices in common polls;
  • Weekly progress reports;
  • Access to the unlocked in-game gallery;
  • Lots of additional stuff from Peepboy Co;
  • The possibility to create the character you wish or become an NPC yourself…

…and much more! Please, check the tiers’ descriptions for more information.



  • ‘Grab the bottle’ mini-game;
  • New Bruhs at the Peep-Boy’s Skill page;
  • Pop-up screens to help the players find the skills’ descriptions before they make their choices in Chucky’s cave;
  • Fixed ‘black screens’ where the game sometimes hung;
  • Auto ‘skip mode’ resets at important points so you won’t miss anything no more;
  • The returned bruhs, icons and crowbars;
  • An upgraded Vene who looks much better now, as we’ve readjusted the compression method for her sprites.


  • Lightweight (550 Mb lighter than v0.0.3a) and lightning-fast stable build;
  • New animated location with a unique ambiance and SFX;
  • Restyled Sucky 69 corridors;
  • New beautiful girl;
  • Renewed Peep-Boy that can store codes and other specific info for the quests;
  • New scene with animations and options depending on the previous choices; 
  • The first mini-game “Open Storage door lock”.


  • Peep-Boy interface with 12 screens and dozens of parameters;
  • Inventory system;
  • Quests and Tasks with logs;
  • Pop-up messages on the screen showing info like new quests or skill changes;
  • 5 quests with tasks (made of refined older scenes);
  • New choices in Chucky’s Cave resulting in skills’ boost;
  • Refined Guard Station scene: MC is no more obsessed by Lucky;
  • Skippable intro;
  • Some optimization for PC/macOS/Linux versions;
  • The first build for Android.


  •     4 new locations;
  •     4 free roaming locations;
  •     2 new characters;
  •     1 new animated sex scene;
  •     New and refined ambiances and SFX;
  •     Extending and expanding storylines;
  •     Several new dialogues full of injustice and frostbitten humor.


  •     2 completely new locations;
  •     Free roaming mode;
  •     A new dialogue scene and a completed scene with Raima in the Guard Station;
  •     A refined Junkyard scene with a new, constantly moving background;
  •     A new ambiance;
  •     UI sounds.

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Balls Out: Nu Vagis – V0.0.2b

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