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This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


Altarune is a harem-building adventure and training RPG. It follows the hero Rae, a human who upon meeting Nekome, a mysterious Nekomimi, finds himself getting caught up in a quest to help save the kingdom of Altarune.

Along the way Rae will be meeting various girls to add to his harem. These girls will be able to explore new dungeons, be interacted with and trained in various ways. 

Altarune has three main game modes: DungeoneeringHQ Building and Play Mode.

Dungeoneering is an adventure mode reminiscent of typical action RPGs. Heavily inspired by EasyGameStation’s Recettear, this mode features procedurally generated dungeons for you to explore in a top-down view. Taking control of your harem member of choice you will encounter various enemies, treasures and hidden areas. Encounters here can have significant effects on the chosen girl’s personality, likes, and dislikes.

HQ Building is exactly what it sounds like – a base-building mode where you can fully customize your guild’s HQ. You can add furniture and decorate using a grid-based approach. You will be able to seat your harem members on chairs or couches, lie them down on beds, put them in various contraptions, and make them play with whatever entertainment you provide them with.

Play Mode is where you interact with your harem members in a close-up view. You are able to talk to them, praise or discipline them, (un)dress them, and play with them using a wide assortment of tools and collectable toys.

While Altarune is very much an erogame, production will be approached from a “game first” development standpoint. The first and foremost goal of this project is to create an entertaining and high-quality game with solid mechanics. Rather than trying to force a sexual angle onto every single step along the way, the game will instead use erotic elements where they fit best.

That said, there is plenty of hentai content in the works, and even in the game already. This will include:

  • Intractable furniture.
  • A dedicated Play Mode featuring all sorts of tools, toys, and interactions.
  • A dedicated Play Mode for certain enemies encountered while Dungeoneering, where you take control of the monster or the environment and get access to monster-specific tools and actions.
  •  Sexy outfits and accessories.
  • CG artwork collected by reaching various points in the story or by playing dedicated mini-games.

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