A Summer’s End: Hong Kong 1986

Oracle and Bone

Early Access

This game is currently in the process of being developed and as a result is not complete. Because development is still active, regular updates can be expected.


A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986 is a visual novel game. Follow the story of Michelle and Sam, and how their chance meeting evolves into a deeper relationship. Set in vibrant Hong Kong in the year 1986, it is an original story about love, family, and culture.

A Summer’s End is about seeking identity and meaning in a rapidly changing world where conflicting worldviews and cultures collide. Inspired by Hong Kong cinema, 80’s anime, city pop, and contemporary Asian literature, A Summer’s End is a homage to the past and a visual delight for fans of retro art and fashion.

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Overcoming Forbidden Love in “A Summer’s End”

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