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What Support Means for a Developer

This has happened to all of us: we find a new game that looks promising, and then see it has a tag we don’t like… There are three types of reactions to this situation, some people will close the tab and never think of the game or dev again; some people will try the game out anyway and see if they like it despite the tags, and some people become vocal, and try to let others know they dislike something.

I’m not saying this is something you should or shouldn’t do, after all, voicing concerns can make for a better game. But it is the way in which these opinions are made that can become a problem, especially when there is a lack of positive vocal opinions.

I think people sometimes forget that the game is the dev’s, and all decisions about it are ultimately up to them. Independently of the decisions you may be against, it should be the dev making the calls for any changes. Because as soon as that stops being the case, we end up with a game that is so far from what the dev initially devised that it can make them stop caring about the project.

“…if I knew the complaining would’ve been as bad as NTR, I would’ve outright avoided it.”

The latest example of a dev losing some motivation after reading a certain forum.

This quote is in reference to the complaining about the game’s “Multiple Protagonist” feature. In this same post, the dev mentions this has been going on for as long as the game’s been available, which will get to a person no matter how thick-skinned they might be. The fact that the dev is so willing to make such a fundamental change to the game’s design, speaks volumes to the amount of power the community has over a game, which is both impressive and terrifying at the same time.

A game dev has control over a lot of aspects of the game, but one where they don’t is in the “distribution”. No matter if a game is free or not, within just a couple of hours of the game’s release through official channels, it will become available on 3rd party websites, with or without the developer’s consent. And this is an issue even outside the obvious, in that the developer loses the ability to track the number of people playing their game. So combining the negative vocal minority, and the lack of information about the game’s player base, you can sometimes get a developer that is only hearing negative opinions, despite the number of people that may be enjoying a game.

“For every one person that likes the VN, I’m getting 7 saying it’d be better with one protagonist.”

Now, I’m not a developer, so everything I said should be taken with a grain of salt. But what I wanted to do with this article was make people think, both about how their actions make the developers feel, and about the consequences those actions may have on a game, whether they may like it or not.

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7 months ago

Well, im not so picky about the game, but NTR tag is the most i have to avoid. For girls/women audience maybe NTR tag is good, but for boy/men, NTR is a big NO, some guy maybe like it.

Also, it would be no ending if you want to satisfy people, so for dev, just do what you want, if that project doesnt hype, then make something more good, you’ve resources,.

Peace. And thanks for the work lewdpixels..

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