PixelRepublic May 22, 2020 We talk to Braindrop about how he shook the adult gaming world with WVM

We talk to Braindrop about how he shook the adult gaming world with WVM

WVM is a game that bucked all of the trends of Adult Game development. It showed us that things could be done differently. I am blessed by the fact that I can call Braindrop a friend.

Full disclosure. I have worked with Braindrop, and designed the brand and UI for his game.

Q: Let’s start off with a simple one. What was the spark that got you to create a VN, but mostly, a VN like WVM? It couldn’t have just been a single thought, you had to put planning into it.

A: Like many others I found these visual novels and started to binge through them but there was something always missing for me. Games never fully scratched the itch I had. I never enjoyed the stories about rather undesirable people and their road to sex via blackmail and magic. I’m a wholesome dude who loves to make people happy and my favorite games are ones where you do exactly that but they always had something missing too. So one night I asked myself “How do they make these anyway?”. Which led to me searching and finding Daz3D. I downloaded it and fell in love with it. I blew my paycheck on assets and that was money that I really didn’t have to blow back then. That’s what started everything.

Q: You came into the industry with WVM, and you have pretty much taken the adult gaming world by storm with it. Even early on, that had to be a surprise, tell us about that.

A: Yeah, it was and still is an absolute surprise. WVM is my first time for many things. It’s my first time writing a story, writing any code, making characters, making renders. It was a ton to learn and I still learn a ton every single day and that won’t change anytime soon. I heavily debated even sharing WVM in the first place. I didn’t make it for anyone but myself and I knew it had some flaws. After many nights of battling myself I finally posted the game on reddit and it’s just ballooned from there. I remember the day it was posted onto f95 for me I was really nervous and I was actually in my chair shaking reading some of the responses. As someone who expected everyone to hate their game it was such a shock to see all the support. I remember crying at almost every single milestone. I’m so thankful for where I am and the community that has surrounded me. There really aren’t any words to explain how much it means to have that many people that have your back. Everytime I read an email that says I have a new patron I feel a deep feeling of excitement and joy. That’s a feeling that will never go away.

Q: I know that you had been paying attention to the industry before you started WVM, do you think that knowledge and research – if you will – was valuable?

A: I wouldn’t say so. WVM is really nothing but what I’m into and things I wanted to add. But my knowledge of the industry has been very helpful when it comes to setting expectations for content to come and how to handle critiscm effectively.

Q: Your development and release cycle is unique, we’ve discussed this privately before, and I expressed my concern for you, personally. You push yourself a lot in order to meet that strict schedule, what made you come up with that idea? And are there times that you regret it?

A: I told myself early on “You know you’re going to be working on this as much as you possibly can. Why not just have a system in place to where you share whatever you accomplish that week?”. I’m very passionate about making WVM and I fucking love what I do. I’m not going to say it’s easy because I work between 11-15 hours every single day but since I love it I really don’t mind at all. The only times I really regret it are times where I have to delay my releases. When working on such a tight schedule anytime something goes wrong it directly effects that week’s release. That’s really the only downside for me.

Q: Early on in your development you revealed that you were considering making WVM free roam, but reversed that idea. I myself expressed misgivings about that at the time. How do you feel about that idea now? Are you happy you reversed it?

A: I am happy I reversed it but I’m mostly regretful of how I worded it initially. My plan was never a sandbox game, it was more of a map with choices. Such as you would wake up and be shown a map to where you’d have three choices of where to go. With choices effecting other options and some elements of free roam at home. But none of that is planned for now.

Q: WVM has so many different girls with different looks and personalities. Do you have any favorites?

A: I think the many different looks and personalities helps me not have any favorites. It would be very hard for me to choose between any one of them because I know the role they all have to play and I know their stories. I also try to not have any because I’m afraid if I did it would hurt the devolopment process.

Q: One critique I have about WVM is that there are so many stories and girls being crammed into an in-game day, which makes it feel that the player doesn’t get enough quality time with any one girl. Is that something you have considered?

A: Absolutely. Days 1-7 have all been singular days and their main role has to been to intro all of the characters and set up their stories. After day 7 time will move a little faster to where full updates won’t be single days but instead they’ll be weeks. This is also where characters will be delved into further.

Q: With how the relationship is developing with the likes of Harp and Natalie, can you tell us if the story will progress into relationships with multiple members of the same family? So dating both Harp and Natalie for example.

A: Yes. All girls besides the MC’s relatives in WVM will be romanceable. Though due to patreon’s rules relationships between people like Natalie and Harper will have to stay individual.

Q: Do you have plans for more characters to be added? If so, do you know how many? And how will you handle that on a typical game day?

A: Yes though not many more. There are still a few planned for the end of Day 7 and of course there’s going to be more clients for Rachael’s business but 95% of mainstay characters have been introduced. There’s still other team’s players and maybe flings like other team’s cheerleaders but most of them won’t have a permanent place in the story.

Q: With the progression of the story with Azel, and Patreons very strict and strange rules regarding Incest. Even a step or foster family member is considered incest in their eyes. Will we see the relationship with Azel turn romantic/sexual? And if so, how will you handle it?

A: Not on my end no. Their relationship definitely has its flirty side but that’s to show Azel struggling with her adopted son growing up and some of the other struggles that come with it. Any further content will have to be done like many other games are and a modder will have to make it. I have no plans for any incest content.

Q: A follow up to that. We’ve seen glimpses of the MCs real mother. If you’re willing to discuss it, will there be content with her in the future? And could that become romantic/sexual?

A: The birth mom (Wendy) definitely has her place in the story. For the second part of the question I’m afraid it’s the same answer as Azel. Any content like that will be solely provided by someone modding the game. Not me.

Q: At the very start of the game, you asked players if Shauna is female. If they choose no, she is transgender and there are some other characters that will also be transgender as a result of that choice. What made you put that option into the game? And has your support base been accepting of it? Regardless of their path.

A: The very first build of the game didn’t have an option and Shauna was transgender. (As I said, the game was only made for me.) Early feedback showed that an option would be a smart decision. Especially since I knew Shauna wasn’t going to be optional. I think people are very accepting of it, I’ve received a lot of appreciation for putting in the extra work so that it is a choice. I also think having a trans character as one of the main characters has helped set my game apart from others.

Q: With the introduction of the character Skye, you caught some flak from the community because of their gender identity. Can you talk about that character? Will you be going ahead as planned? or has your approach changed at all?

A: The flak initially was a little offputting but I think as I explained the reasonings for having him and as his character was shown some more a lot of the flak has died down. My plan for Skye as a character is to work as the opposite of Shauna. Instead of being shy and uncomfortable about their Skye completely owns his and isn’t afraid to talk about it. And that plan hasn’t changed since I implemented him.

Q: Pregnancy. Apart from the woman that Rachael introduces. Will it be an option in the game for the regular girls?

A: This is a big yes. Pregnancy and fatherhood is a big part of WVM. Almost every girl will be impregnable (and most will be optional). My plan for the future is to buy a third pc solely to render pregnant/non-pregnant renders haha

Q: Ok, but will that be an option for the female version of Shauna? If so, I can imagine that being an effort in terms of development and renders.

A: Yes it will.

Q: With regards to the story and dialogue of WVM, do you have most of the story already written out? Or do you just write everything per update?

A: Yes and no. I have all the major events of every character and the overall storyline of WVM planned out. Though on a smaller scale such as individual scenes and dialogue I work on as I go.

Q: With everything you’ve learned from developing WVM, if you were to create a new game, what would you do differently?

A: When I was making WVM I had no clue that there were discord groups full of other people like me and people that give advice to people like me. I would ask for advice in those. I would also obviously be better at making models and everything to do with daz. Other than that I’m not sure there’s too much I’d do differently. WVM is all about things I enjoy and I’d imagine if I ever made another game it’d be a lot of the same.

Q: Do you have the end of WVM in sight? And if so, how far are we from it?

A: I have the endings of WVM planned already but we’re far away from it. My planning right now has WVM taking me 4-6 years to complete.

Q: Do you have anything in mind for a game you would create after WVM? Or is your mind squarely on WVM?

A: 1000% focused on WVM. I have too many characters and ideas to worry about anything else right now. ;p

Q: With the success that you have seen, do you have any plans to expand your team? To lighten your load and maybe be able to produce more content.

A: There are definitely times where I’ve heavily considered it. Though I haven’t found anyone I’d feel comfortable working with. My tough schedule makes it hard to find people that can work around it. I’m not ruling it out but there aren’t any plans currently to add anyone else. I like working alone.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about starting their own game or who are new to development?

A: Of course. There’s the most important advice I can give and that’s “have fun”. There are so many things that you can get your head caught up in. There are many times where you won’t feel you are good enough or people will be very critical over some random shit but you can’t let it get to you. There are times where I’ve let it get to me and it wasn’t worth it at all. But it was so stupid that I did, I started making WVM because it was fun. I believe it’s successful because I have fun making it. The most important thing is that you love making what you make and never make something you don’t like just because you think others will. You’ll lose interest in your game if you do. You have to love your own before anyone else can.

Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank/acknowledge from your time developing WVM?

A: Oh wow, there’s so many people. I’m afraid I’ll miss names but thank you to every single person that has given me advice. From other devs to players to anyone. I wouldn’t be the dev I am without you guys. Thank you to every single person who has enjoyed WVM enough to support me on patreon, without your support I wouldn’t be the dev I am now. Thank you to every single person that has played my game. I hope I was able to at least make you smile at some point. 🙂
I’d also like to thank PixelRepublic for being a bro and being the only other person to contribute to making WVM. He’s made the logos that have defined my game and my menu screens.
Thank you for letting me answer your questions <3


I'm Pixel, founder of LewdPixels.com, a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. You'll often find me here in a state of angry ranting. I respond to Pixel or "Daddy".

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1 month ago

I’m hoping to see more of Alexis, she was pretty cool when she first showed up.

7 months ago

I love your game and can’t wait for more. I love your work. The graphics are amazing and I’m looking into getting the best computer I can to learn how to fallow in your footsteps. I have laughed, cried from your story. Hell I’ve even hated character’s (headmaster). But that’s what i love about this. It has everything a story needs. And again because of your graphics, story, ect. You have inspired me to devote me free time into something much more then wondering wtf I’m gonna do with my day. I just hope that what ever I can make, can one day hold a candle to WVM. I look forward to what is next and going to increase my tier just so I can play sooner. Thank you for all your hard work!

8 months ago

Very informative interview. Thank you for putting the time and effort into it. And good luck on your game Braindrop!

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