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Versioning for Virgins

If any of you have spent much time around the adult gaming industry, you’ll know that there is a wide variation with how some Game Developers version their games and updates.

This can often leave the public scratching their heads as to what an update contains. Is it a big content update? Is this just a bugfix patch?

Having a standardized versioning formula for the industry can often help in answering these questions.

The Simple Formula; Semantic Versioning.

Major Version – Major milestones in development. Either the core content of a game or a chapter of a game is complete.

Minor Version – Minor changes, additions or exclusions of content or with writing.

Patch – Fixing bugs within the game or correcting errors.

There are many versioning formulas out there, however, Semantic Versioning is the most common method for versioning. It is a simple solution, but also the most robust.

One common mistake with this formula is that people think that after number 9, the previous digit must increase. For example, going from 0.9.0, the next step is 1.0.0. This is incorrect. There is no limit on how high a digit can go. 0.597.152698 is accurate and perfectly acceptable, if not a bit complex.

Generally, when seeing a version of a game being 1.0 (or 1.0.0) or above, it means that the game is feature complete, even if it’s not complete in terms of content.

When applying this simple formula, we standardize the way in which we version our games, allowing the public to easily understand where things stand with development.

Was this guide helpful to you? What are some of the strange versioning formulas you’ve encountered in the world? Let us know in the comments below.


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2 years ago

Thank you I always wanted to understand not just guessing

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