LewdPixels December 8, 2020 Updates This Week To Check Out – EP01

Updates This Week To Check Out – EP01

Welcome to our first installment of our new weekly feature at LewdPixels.com; where we showcase our pick of games that have been updated in the past 7 days.

Don’t you just love that warm feeling inside when you see that one of your favorite games has released an update? Here are a few new releases that have been keeping us warm in the last week:

Neko Paradise is a free roam adult game with lots of cute Neko Girls. With this release 3 new characters and a new interface system are introduced. Version 0.09A

Neko Paradise

by Alorth
Engine: Ren'py
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Seeds of Chaos is a dark fantasy eroge inspired by the worldbuilding of Berserk, Dark Souls, The Witcher. This update brings both technical improvements and a lot of new content. Version v0.2.61b

Seeds of Chaos

by Vénus Noire
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 2D CG Female Protagonist Male Protagonist Management Fantasy
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Our Red String follows the stories of Lena and Ian, two very different people who find themselves in a very similar moment in their lives. Both struggling to achieve their dreams, both hurting because of love. Version v0.6 Beta

Our Red String

by EvaKiss
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 2D CG Female Protagonist Male Protagonist Romance
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Dog Days of Summer is about a young girl named Vivian entering into the last summer before she graduates college. She soon meets a mysterious woman named Tara who sets her on a more erotic course. Version 0.4.3

Dog Days of Summer

by BlackWeb Games
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Female Protagonist
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Upon taking up the opportunity to join the brand-spanking-new expansion to the super-popular MMORPG Powerful Order Online as a beta-tester, you find yourself locked into the very odd (and apparently exclusive?) class of Healslut. Just how will you handle the power… and consequences?​ Version 0.5f2


by Davie Zwei
Engine: Ren'py
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You play the role of a former military officer, now trying to make a living by trading and scavenging in the vastness of space. Your ship the Callisto and rag-tag crew, experiencing new adventures and relationships along its travels.​ Version 0.50


by Xavster Gaming
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Animated Male Protagonist Sci-Fi Harem
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What updates have you played this past week? Tell us about them in the comments.

We’ll be back next week with more updates.

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