PixelRepublic May 14, 2020 UnRen.bat – The only Ren’py tool you’ll ever need.


UnRen.bat – The only Ren’py tool you’ll ever need.

UnRen.bat is the tool that we never knew we wanted. If you’re like me, from time to time you might want to bypass the grind within a game, and UnRen helps you do that, and so much more.


Unren.bat is developed by Sam on F95Zone.com for the Ren’py engine. Drop it into the folder of a game, double click it, and you’re presented with a wide range of features.

Some people might not want to grind through a game just to try and get all the scenes and end up missing some of them. This is where Option 1 comes in handy, it allows you extract all the images (and other files) from the RPA packages and enjoy them that way.

Option 2 is for people who want to decompile any of the scripts in a game, this is usually done if you want to check out the code and look for variables that might be beneficial to help you “cheat” through a game. In order to actually edit these variables while playing you would need to go for Option 3 to enable the console and channel your inner hacker.

The best way to learn about it is to test it out for yourself and try all the different options.


You can get the latest version of UnRen on F95Zone.


If you are on a Linux OS or, for some strange reason, using MacOS there is a version of UnRen being developed for Linux/MacOS that you can use. You can also choose to install the dependencies that UnRen itself uses, mainly rpatool and unrpyc.


rpatool’s man page

rpatool allows you to run Option 1 from UnRen but doing it all through the command line. If you are like me and have a strong fascination with the Matrix movies, this is not only easier but cooler to do.

rpatool -x foo.rpa

This is all you need to run to extract the contents of an rpa, the only issue here is that it will extract all the contents to the current directory which will end up being a bit of a mess. Although a bit of a mess now and then can be fun as well.

rpatool -o output -x foo.rpa

If on the other hand you don’t want to make a mess of the game’s root directory, this is the code you want to run. You can change output to whatever name you want the output directory to be called. You will also need to change foo.rpa to the actual rpa package name, which is usually archive.rpa, in order for this to work. Unless, the developer is a l33t hax0r and they actually named their rpa package foo.rpa.

You can find tutorials on how to run some of the other commands and how to install rpatool on your system, on the GitHub repo here.


unrpyc man page snippet

If you want to run Option 2 and decompile any rpy scripts and mess around with the code and potentially break your game, then unrpyc is for you!

unrpyc theonescripttorulethemall.rpyc

This one is a lot easier to run since it’s just a simple script, you can add other options as well. If you do add any options, or flags as they should be rightfully called, they will be placed after unrpyc and before the scripts name. You will have to of course change the name of the script to something else for theonescripttorulethemall.rpyc must never be decompiled, it must be cast into the fire!

For more information about how to properly run the command as well as how to install it make sure to check out your local library, or the GitHub repo located here.


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