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Tropes in Incest Games

There’s no denying that incest games are popular, even despite bans by some organisations. Patches are usually made for “incest-adjacent” games that, as released, often don’t make much sense. I mean, where’s the taboo in fucking your landlady? However, other than the overriding theme, so many of them seem to share the same story elements. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, hell, I’ve used some of those elements myself! It is somewhat amusing though.

That Irresistible Door in Dreams of Desire


Creeping around, spying, peeking. This is usually the introduction to the game in terms of sex scenes. Either spying on someone in the shower or creeping into their room. This is often done with creepy/rapey actions like groping or even having sex with a sleeping person. This can be fun to implement (without the rapeyness) as a risky game option with a few sexy renders to view and then roll back on. If done right, it can be fun to play.

Stupid Main Characters.

The main characters are so often, well, exactly the same as each other, even down to the model. They’re usually stupid and come across as creepy little shits. Take the “patient zero” in my experience with adult games – the MC in Big Brother. This guy sets up cameras to catch what people are doing in the house and when he wants to see what they’re doing himself, does he look at the cameras? Of course not. He sneaks around.

A Poor Fatherless Family from A New Home

Dead or Absent Parent.

In the incest themed adult gaming world, most families tend to be single parent affairs, whether it’s because of death, divorce, or even just being away on business all the time. There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part, single parents seem to have a lot of fun with their kids in the world of incest games! (Of course, I’m also guilty of this one.) Some games are taking this trope and getting very creative, and that’s a great thing to see happening in this industry.


The MC being away for some time is also a common theme among incest games, there are a few creative reasons for the MC being away, but it still happens often enough to be a trope (I’m guilty of this one, too!). This is usually not a bad thing as it provides a good reason for the family to “reconnect.”

All Female Families.

There are rarely any men in the families other than the MC, and the (un)holy trinity of mother, big sister, and little sister is still prevalent (Yep, me again – guilty as charged). I personally (obviously) like this trope purely because it gives three easy characters to design and create, and it gives the player a sense of comfort knowing that there are at least three characters they can “get to know”.

An Entranced Nurse in 53X Homecoming

The Magic Cock Effect.

This is when (usually) the mother walks into the room while the MC is (supposedly) sleeping and sees his erection and is suddenly entranced. Yes, the unknown hypnotic power of the penis is thoroughly explored in many games, and not just by mothers, but by sisters, nurses, and just about anyone else you can imagine!

Have you run into any of these tropes in incest games, or have you seen these tropes (like the magic cock effect or stupid MCs) in other games? What are your favourite interpretations of these tropes? Let us know in the comments!


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1 year ago

I think you could easily add the typical character tropes present in those families here as well.

  • The naive little sister that has never seen or touched a cock before and therefore wants to try it out with her big brother.
  • The son that has very little sexual experience so his mother wants to help him “train” his skills.
  • The mother that hasn’t been touched intimately in a long time due to her husband being away on business trips all the time and therefore longing for some attention.
1 year ago

I find this whole censorship by calling them landlady and roommates instead of mother and sisters so incredibly funny. Only switching the words but changing nothing else in the story makes them so stupidly confusing. I especially like watching people play those censored versions on YouTube and slowly discover that something is very strange in the relationships between the characters.

1 year ago

There’s a certain kind of adult protag I call the “horny asshole.” The horny asshole MC does anything at all (lying, spiking food/drink, hypnotic suggestion, mind control devices, etc.) to have sex with every woman he meets. The horny asshole trope seems to overlap nearly 100% with the incest theme. In theory there’s nothing stopping folks from making an incest themed game where the protag is a nice, upstanding guy who doesn’t lie to people and fuck anything that moves, but that does not seem to be what the people demand.

Last edited 1 year ago by Don
1 year ago
Reply to  Don

Just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with asshole protagonists; there’s room for all kinds of stories and sometimes having the main character be an antihero or nonconformist enhances the story. And there are great creators who really lean into the MC’s whole “I will do anything for sex” attitude and play it for laughs. I just find the basic trope a little overused, and sometimes it’s jarring when the writer clearly wants to show the MC as a sensitive caring guy who is also using mind control magic on his little sister.

1 year ago

Let us not forget the corruption through massage trope!

1 year ago
Reply to  deepglugs

Isn’t that how it’s done in real relationships as well? You start with an innocent back rub and get more intimate from there 😉

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