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Top tips for playing RenPy games

This is a two-part guide on top tips when playing games that were made using the RenPy system.
This first part covers the basics of the RenPy system; the second part will delve a little deeper and cover such wonders as the developer and admin consoles. NB: This guide currently only covers computer users (PC, Mac, Linux).

The Basics

Here are a list of keys that you might find useful.

  • Escape – Brings up the menu, if you are in a game it usually brings up the save menu.
  • Enter – Advances the game – this can also be use to select a choice.
  • Space – Advances the game – this doesn’t affect choices.
  • CTRL – Skips dialogue – if you hold this or Space down, you can skip through dialogue quickly.
  • Tab – Skips big chunks of dialogue by skipping to the next choice.
  • Page Up – Rolls back to earlier dialogue.
  • Page Down – Rolls forward to later dialogue. (This will only roll forward as far as you have reached in the game.)

Beyond the basics

  • Hiding the UI
    • When in a game you might want to hide the text to see the “action” better, press H on the keyboard. To bring back the text press H again or click the screen with your mouse.
  • Screenshots
    • If you want a screenshot of an image in a game, press S; you’ll see a message briefly popup saying it saved your screenshot, you’ll find your newly created screenshot in the game folder.
  • Renaming save pages
    • When you go to save a game, you can rename the pages themselves. To do this, click on the title and delete what’s there and give it your own name. Some games allow you to name the individual saves, but as that isn’t a native RenPy function I haven’t incuded it here.

The Preferences/Settings Page

  • What the choices on the settings/preferences page mean
    • Skip text – This section usually has three choices:
      • Unseen Text – This means that holding down CTRL will skip all the text until you let go of the key or it reaches a choice in the game; pressing TAB will skip to the next choice if this feature is enabled.
      • After Choices – This means that skipping will continue after your choice has been made.
      • Transitions – This is a mostly cosmetic feature, some games have animations between screens, you can turn this off (if the developer hasn’t already) to makes the game run smoother if you have a slower machine.
    • Text speed
      • This controls how quickly the text appears on the screen. The closer to the right the slider is, the quicker the text, with the text showing instantly if the slider is all the way over to the right.

There are a lot more features, but these will be covered in part two.


Savegame screen courtesy of Heavy Five:


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9 months ago

You could also add mouse controls:
Right-click to bring the menu screen
Middle-click to hide the UI

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