Slack October 3, 2021 Top Articles of the Month – September

Top Articles of the Month – September

It’s September and the second edition of our top articles is here. We’ve got a few fresh pieces here as well as some that are still popular from last month. Let’s take a look.

Suggestion List: Best Completed Games

A really popular list that we put out, it covers games that have reached the end of development and are effectively finished games.

Plexstorm is at it again

A relatively old news article covering the Plexstorm outage. We recently covered another outage from the site.

NTR – What does it Mean?

The ever-controversial terms still ranks in popularity, with our article on it still pulling in decent attention.

Best Completed Games 2

A part two of our most popular list covering even more games you can play from start to finish.

Milfy City: Big Announcements and change of plans

News of ICSTOR’s changes to how they release their games continue to be a topic of much debate.

UnRen.bat – The only Ren’py tool you’ll ever need

The popular Ren’py tool is still something people continue to look up.

Redamz Forced to Change Game, Leaves Patreon

News of Redamz leaving Patreon, was big news when it came out, and it’s still big news today.

Staff Pick of the Week – Tame It!

The lone Staff Pick to make the list, it covers the survival game Tame It!

Best New Releases so far in 2021 – Part 2

Surprisingly, it was part two of the List article that made it into our top-list. Nonetheless, we’ve lined up some great games to keep an eye on as they develop.

Five Great Trainer games to sate your appetite

Just eking into the list, here is our final article. We’ve ‘whipped up’ some trainer genre games here for you to sink your teeth into.


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