Slack November 9, 2021 Top Articles of the Month — October

Top Articles of the Month — October

October has come and gone, and it’s definitely been an interesting month. For starters, we’ve released our Games Update last month after months of hard work. We’ve also had quite a few compelling articles published, so let’s take a look at the most popular ones over the last month.

Plexstorm is at it again.

Discussion surround Plexstorm seems to be a constant in these last few months as the streaming service has yet to show any pulse of life left.

Plexstorm is down again, but will it be out for good!?

Our second most popular article of the month, again pertaining to Plexstorm.

Milfy City: Big Announcements and change of plans

ICSTOR can’t seem to catch a break, it seems…

NTR — What does it Mean?

It stands to reason that one of the most hotly debated topics would continue to draw interest.

Best Completed Games 2

As expected, a list of some of the best finished games out there is bound to catch some eyes.

Five Sensuous Sisters — A tribute to the Siblings we Love

Ah! What’s a little lovin’ amongst siblings, huh?

Six stunning art submissions

A showcase of some of the best art that has come from our beloved artists in the community.

Art or Porn?

A semi-deep dive into the minds of erotic artists on a simple question; it is Art or Porn?

Suggestion List: Best Completed Games

As the title suggests, the article covers finished games.

Redamz Forced to Change Game, Leaves Patreon

An old news article concerning how developer Redamz dealt with being forced to change his game.

And that’s just a few of our most popular articles from last month. Be sure stick around to see what we put out this month.


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