Envixer February 18, 2021 Throwback Thursday: The Artifact


Throwback Thursday: The Artifact

The Artifact is pretty much the only RPGM game I’ll play. The full story has three parts, and has a great balance between gameplay and lewd content.

This is one game and universe I’d love to see ICCreations return to. It’s a well told story with some very nice adult scenes that would benefit from a remaster. It provides hours of fun, and a well told story with some incredibly sexy scenes for its time. It still surprises me that nobody’s put together a Ren’Py port yet.

If you’re looking for a game that gives you a little challenge with a good payoff, then maybe check it out.

Have you played The Artifact before? Let us know your thoughts and memories in the comments!


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1 year ago

I love The Artifact. A special artifiact from a time when really interesting dynamics of incest weren’t obfuscated by the need to circumvent censorship. Like, the landlady/stepmother things works in a pinch, but it means the taboo is explored in a superficial and never particularly satisfactory way.

Yup. The Artifact is absurd, but that’s why it’s so great!

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