Slack July 15, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Space Paws


Throwback Thursday: Space Paws

Another Thursday means another Throwback Thursday for you! Today we’re looking back at Space Paws—the first game made by Taifun Riders. Development initially started in 2015—and after four long years—was completed in 2019.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the target audience for a game of this “style.” I’m more of someone who prefers bare skin to tufts of fur. But I digress. Space Paws is essentially a dating-sim/VN with a fantastic story. The MC wakes up aboard a space ship without any memory of his previous life and apparently with the mission of saving humanity from extinction.

The only other human aboard the ship an angry redhead whom seems to know more about you than she lets on. The ship reaches a system with four planets, each inhabited by a race with “unique” features. What happens next is up to you; do you woo the leaders of this system to accomplish your mission or do you allow humanity to fade into non-existence?

For me the biggest pull to the game was the absolutely amazing story and it’s top-tier production value. I obviously went down a more traditional route but all the routes with all the girls are great. There are a few minigames and puzzles but they’re all pretty good and compliment the rest of the game nicely. I hope you try it out for yourself and please comment on what you thought of Space Paws!


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