DillDough February 10, 2022 Throwback Thursday: Something To Write About: The Author


Throwback Thursday: Something To Write About: The Author

It is yet again time for our favorite day of the week! This Throwback Thursday we take a look at Something To Write About: The Author, a game by STWAdev. This is the first finished game in the planned STWA series that is now continuing with Something To Write About: The Broken.

In The Author the player finds themselves thrust into the role of a bestselling author whom after encountering severe writer’s block starts a temporary teaching position at a college. On this journey he meets six different girls, all with their own dreams and desires. While it has been a while since I played this game, its characters still cling to my memories till this day, a testimony to their depth and great characterization. The girls in The Author are really the bread and butter of the whole thing and the realistic way they are written ensures that almost any player will become immersed in their stories.  

The art of the game will probably blow no one away and the pacing might sometimes be a bit too stagnant for some, but The Author remains a wholesome and balanced experience. The player will not fight any demons or conquer the world, but they will find a wonderful story about overcoming trauma, sharing your love and finding a new home.

Have you tried Something To Write About: The Author? What are your thoughts? Tell us below.


Just a student writing about naughty games and peeps. I also enjoy making whimsical poetry, procrastinating my study work and having philosophical discussions.

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