Envixer March 11, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Sisterly Lust


Throwback Thursday: Sisterly Lust

Sisterly Lust holds a venerated place in the recent history of adult games. It’s a classic and a must-play for any fans of incest-themed games.

Despite its name, Sisterly Lust doesn’t just focus on the three sisters (Bella is my favourite, though!), there’s also the mother, and some side characters too. It’s a wonderfully told story that has to be revisited occasionally because it’s a complete game, not one that strings along for years and never seems to end. Having said that this game is by no means short on content. All of the main characters have their own stories, and exploring them is half the fun.

Are you a fan of Sisterly Lust? Let us know your fond memories of the game in the comments!


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1 year ago

This game is so fantastic. I never cared about the sister/family taboo theme at all and just gave it a try because the renders seemed nice. I was really impressed with the quality of the story and (like everyone else) i had a crush on Bella pretty fast 😉 I still haven’t played a game in this genre that comes close… Actually i’m still a Patreon suuporter even though i have no interest in the new game they are doing. But thanks for SL!

1 year ago

When on the love path with Bella.The moment after you and your mother get back from being lost, laying on the couch and Bella, your sister, walks in. The scene that follows was just so amazing.

Second favorite moment might have to be, after a couple of attempts, finally getting all sisters and your mom preggers.

Mission complete.

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