Nadadine1 May 6, 2021 Throwback Thursday: My Sister, My Roommate


Throwback Thursday: My Sister, My Roommate

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s Throwback Thursday on LewdPixels as always. Our game today, like many of the previous ones, is also a finished piece. This is My Sister, My Roommate from Sumodeine.

The protagonist of the game is an introverted virgin boy who is looking forward to his college years with high hopes of changing that and becoming more successful with girls. It hasn’t been easy at home either because his sister is very hot and has a totally promiscuous sex life. When it turns out that they have to share a room at college, the question arises whether this whole situation will help our protagonist’s plans.

Have a go and let us know what you think of My Sister, My Roommate. Are there any other older titles you’d like to see us cover? Let us know in the comments below.


Remember when I found sexual adult game genre, a whole new world opened for me. As a fan, I started to handle it more like a hobby than casual fun. During the years I tried many games and found fantastic stories. I like to think that I've got good eye to sort out special ones from the many. Always try to be objective and not push my taste to everyone but also share my thoughts based on my experience.

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1 year ago

Haven’t heard of My Sister, My Roommate before. I’m always thankful for recommendations of completed games. So I will definitely check this one out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nadadine1

After having played the game now I have to once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for recommending this hidden gem!

The game is done really well (both the renders and the writing/story). It has some of the best gags I’ve read in adult visual novels, especially all the self-referencing 4th wall braking comments about Patreon, tropes in AVNs and stuff like that.

The characters are written very well. In fact, you could say they are written too well for the games own good because it highlighted the one big weakness of the game: There are not enough decisions for the player to make. This causes the MC to do pretty stupid shit or endure annoying situations without you being able to intervene. This was especially frustrating for me when I couldn’t avoid the advances of some of the girls. Don’t get me wrong, I’m normally all for the harem route and trying to get into as many panties as possible, but I took such a liking to both Molly and Nikki that I quickly didn’t want to do any lewd stuff with any of the other characters anymore which unfortunately was not always avoidable. When for example I couldn’t tell this bitch of a photography professor to fuck off after penalizing and mocking Molly in her lecture, I felt a pretty big disconnect from the MC. 

But gladly, in the last part of the game, it got much more focused on the girls I chose so that I got my happy ending with Molly. I think I might load a previous save and try the Nikki ending as well. I mean there has to be a reason that they imply in the last chapter, that Nikkis would have been the “true” ending due to her being the titular sister/roommate (btw. this whole dialog was absolutely ingenious).

1 year ago
Reply to  GrollenFloh

I have to disagree. The true ending is Nikki and marc while mc ends up with molly. During their dialogue while watching the movie in their house during christmass break Nikki says- I wish there was a story where 2 main characters dont end up together but they help each other grow,which is true-Nikki helped mc get out of his shell,and mc showed nikki that there is more to relationship than sex,as Nikki says during their treehouse convo if on Molly+mc path: you showed me how to be treated as a person and not sex object.Plus during their dialogue while watching the film they say who would support this if 2 main characters didnt end up together? and they break the 4th wall looking angrily at the player.So yes in my opinion this is true ending and I think it’s hinted really obviously that this is the ending that the author supports

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