tomtony January 14, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Man of the House

Throwback Thursday: Man of the House

Man of the House tells us the story about the struggling path of young male to becoming the Man of his house. With the leave of his father, his mother was the pillar in the house and once he realizes the stress she faces every day, he decides to help her out, to ease her day and become the new supporting pillar in the house. Does he succeed or does he fail? Give it a shot and find out.

The game started taking shape in 2017 and finished in 2019 and in that time, Faerin put a lot of effort and time to develop the game. The story is really good with nice character development and it’s an enjoyable game-play.

Man of the House

Did you try it out? If yes let us know, in the comments below, what you think about Faerin’s work and if you have a wish of any game you would like us to cover?

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Vladimir Ignatiev
Vladimir Ignatiev
10 months ago

Great game!