Dragonslayer13 August 5, 2021 Throwback Thursday- Lust Epidemic


Throwback Thursday- Lust Epidemic

How is everyone?! It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for another Throwback Thursday on Lewdpixels.com! Today, we will take a look at Lust Epidemic by NLT. This game was completed around 2 years ago, and this is one of those games that I come back to a lot, whenever I am reminded of the dark aesthetic this game has and makes me want to play it or at least watch some scenes.

I am not fond of the games made in RPG maker at all. I won’t even give them a chance but I don’t know why I tried this, honestly, I don’t remember but it turned out pretty good for me. I am introduced to one of the best developers in this industry who are not only awesome with the quality of their game but also has a very good work ethic. I love Treasure of Nadia and am very excited for the upcoming The Genesis Order.

But, coming to Lust Epidemic, as I have said earlier this game has a dark aesthetic that fills you with an eerie feeling which only amplifies on and on as the story progresses. In this game, you’ll play as a university student who finds himself stuck at his rival university when a hurricane strikes the town unexpectedly. While exploring the ancient and creepy campus grounds you’ll uncover many mysteries and secrets like a murder mystery, superpower, rituals, and many more during this journey.

Try Lust Epidemic and if you want us to cover any older titles you like, let us know in the comments.


I like pussy, titties and MILFs. Thanks to all AVN developers for their amazing work. And yeah, all the mistakes were purely intentional.

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