Dragonslayer13 July 22, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Lucky Mark


Throwback Thursday: Lucky Mark

Here we go again Throwback Thursday. If you have played Lucky Mark then you probably know Super Alex, Who is currently working on his new game AMNESIA, but for now let us focus our attention on the Lucky Mark, which was completed 2 years ago.

I have played Lucky Mark long ago, it was looking promising and our protagonist goes to live with his boss and seduces the women there, which seemed interesting to me at the time, so I gave it a try. I do have mixed feelings about this game mainly because of the grind it has, but since this is a throwback and not a review, I will talk about the good parts of this game.
Anyone who likes slowly corrupting/seduction will absolutely love this game, especially the Elena and Christina arcs. As the story keeps progressing, you’ll get your way with all the girls including the maid(zari), Annie (sister if you apply the unofficial patch), and the main story with your boss is also pretty interesting. And Super Alex’s new game AMNESIA looks amazing, the quality of renders and animations is up there at the top for me.

So, have a go at it and let us know if you want us to cover any other older titles in the comments below.


I like pussy, titties and MILFs. Thanks to all AVN developers for their amazing work. And yeah, all the mistakes were purely intentional.

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