Nadadine1 April 15, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Insexsity

Throwback Thursday: Insexsity

Have a nice Thursday to everyone. Today’s spotlight is on Insexsity from Insexsity_team.

Insexsity is a finished game and it was always different in my eyes. This game might be the first corruption game I have ever played. I played this game at the beginning of my adult game journey and shocked me in a good way. The game has a narrative through dream sequences. We play with the character named Katie and try to manage her life which is not so simple, because game world is full of crime, violence and sex.

Have a go and let us know what you think of Insexsity. Are there any other older titles you’d like to see us cover? Let us know in comments below.


Remember when I found sexual adult game genre, a whole new world opened for me. As a fan, I started to handle it more like a hobby than casual fun. During the years I tried many games and found fantastic stories. I like to think that I've got good eye to sort out special ones from the many. Always try to be objective and not push my taste to everyone but also share my thoughts based on my experience.

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