Nadadine1 February 11, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Good Girl Gone Bad

Throwback Thursday: Good Girl Gone Bad

Maybe you heard the name Evakiss before. In our Staff Pick she got 3rd Best Developer of the year 2020. We could talk about her current development called Our Red String but before that she did something we should remember.

Good Girl Gone Bad was one of the pathfinder adult visual novels in a heroic age. It was 2017 and adult game industry was more underground and niche than nowadays.

In the game we playing as Ashley, a young girl who try to balance her life between fun and morals. Do you stay right for her original self or do you will goes down the rabbit hole? It is not as easy as you think because life can be bumpy or boring and then you makes decisions what you thought you would never done. If you like replayability in a game you will love this because choices really makes different route directions and stacks of them in the game.

Good Girl Gone Bad

by EvaKiss
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 2D Game Female Protagonist
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Have a go and let us know what you think of Good Girl Gone Bad. Are there any other older titles you’d like to see us cover? Let us know in comments below.


Remember when I found sexual adult game genre, a whole new world opened for me. As a fan, I started to handle it more like a hobby than casual fun. During the years I tried many games and found fantastic stories. I like to think that I've got good eye to sort out special ones from the many. Always try to be objective and not push my taste to everyone but also share my thoughts based on my experience.

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