Slack October 7, 2021 Throwback Thursday: Elven Conquest 2

Throwback Thursday: Elven Conquest 2

One of the first things I wrote for LewdPixels was a Throwback Thursday for the Game Elven Conquest. And today I thought of coming back with a kind of double throwback with Elven Conquest 2. The game continues directly where the last game left off with the Dark Lord planning his takeover of the Elven Kingdom.

After successfully turning the elven assassins into his personal slaves, the Dark Lord now sets his sights on the Queen of the Elven Kingdom. After feigning capture, the MC slowly begins work on dismantling the queen’s rule over the kingdom. Like the first game, how the player goes about this is up to them. Whether they are harsh or kind towards the queen. It’ll also affect the kind of ending you’ll get.

Like other PinkTea games, you’ll be greeted with some great art and animations. The new characters here are sexy and adds to that PinkTea flavor. Was your takeover of the Elven Kingdom genteel or did you take it by force?


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