Dragonslayer13 September 2, 2021 Throwback Thursday- Cure My Addiction


Throwback Thursday- Cure My Addiction

For this week’s throwback, let us take a look at Cure My Addiction by TheGary. This game was completed pretty recently about 3 months ago, with being in development for over 3 years. Cure My Addiction consists of 5 chapters and features a lot of sexual content with a special focus for BDSM lovers.

You take the role of a young man, whose parents are concerned that he is watching too much porn and were afraid this addiction might get out of control. So, they decided to send the main character to his uncle’s yacht and make him spend some time there without these worldly distractions like phones and all other types of devices. And it is only women onboard and his uncle is nowhere to be found!

This game starts off pretty nicely, although not so strong but with a special plot, and the game overall has a unique feel, whether it is its gameplay or the sexual content. The love interests are pretty versatile as well, with different types of bodies, and personalities, they stand out from each other. I am not even that much into the spanking, BDSM content, and still enjoyed this game so I can imagine the ones who are into that stuff will feel about this game. I feel like the game dips a little in enjoyment after chapter 3 but again it is so long and somehow I felt the game is going in another direction and diverting from the actual plot. But despite all the flaws, this is quite an enjoyable game, with good visuals and a lot of sexual content.

So, have you tried this game? do you like it? do you hate it? let us know in the comments!


I like pussy, titties and MILFs. Thanks to all AVN developers for their amazing work. And yeah, all the mistakes were purely intentional.

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11 months ago

A bit too grindy, task-orientated. I found myself not wanting to play it anymore after a couple of hours. Everything else is fantastic, writing, renders, characters, and plot. But the gameplay lets it down.

11 months ago

3D games need more love.

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