Gu57avo May 7, 2022 The Interim Domain – First Impressions


The Interim Domain – First Impressions

This is just a short article on the first release of The Interim Domain, a review might be available in the future, but it’s too early for an in-depth review.

First impressions are that the same amount of work and effort as in Now & Then was put into the newest project from ILSProductions. Everything from the nice camera angles, to the actually designed UI that we got to expect from Now & Then is also present in the new game.

Going just a little bit through the story (and without going over any spoilers), I was pleasantly surprised that the MC is reacting in a pretty realistic way to the new reality he’s presented with. Not being too dumb that us as the players end up screaming at the character to realize what’s going on, but also not a genius that knows what’s happening before it even happens; it is a nice balance that keeps up with what the player knows.

We haven’t touched in the quality of sex scenes, and for a reason. There aren’t any yet, so this is your warning if you’re looking for a game full of them. This game has a story-first focus, where sex scenes probably don’t happen until the third or fourth chapter (maybe even further into the story).

If you’re ready to go through a game that isn’t a sex-fuelled adventure, and want to explore a confusing looking reality, The Interim Domain certainly looks promising.


Look Mom, I'm writing about porn games now! Are you proud of me?

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