V.A. Laurie, Envixer, TotesNotThea, Teri (Nine of Swords) and Charon January 4, 2021 Staff Picks: Best Writing 2020


Staff Picks: Best Writing 2020

Visual effects are pretty, characters are fun, and having a good developer really makes a game welcoming. Yet all of that goes to pieces if there’s nothing interesting going on! The writing of a game is what separates adult games from just “pornography with extra clicks”; something to keep our minds engaged between lascivious romps.

Best Writing

3rd Place

Light of My Life

by Naughty Road
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In 3rd place, grabbing another award this year, we have Light of My Life by NaughtyRoad. Having some really unique and special art isn’t the only thing this game has going for it. It also happens to have a very compelling and well written story. If you enjoy story as a driving force in your games, Light of My Life will not disappoint.

Best Writing

2nd Place

The DeLuca Family

by HopesGaming
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2nd place this year is going to The DeLuca Family, developed by HopesGaming. This is a game that is often talked about when the question is asked, “what game has a good story?” Honestly, go check the forums and discord servers. The DeLuca Family also has some incredibly beautiful 3D art as well. If you are a VN fan and haven’t played this one yet, you’re missing out.

Best Writing

Honourable Mention

A New Home

by Envixer
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A New Home takes many of the tropes of AVN’s and turns them on their heads. Many harem games gloss over the characters backstories but Envixer’s characters have a depth that stands out in the genre.

Best Writing

Honourable Mention

Freeloading Family

by FFCreations
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Freeloading Family has some of the best dialogue in the scene. In V.A. Laurie’s writing every character has a distinctive voice and a personality that shines through the screen.

Best Writing

1st Place

Heavy Five

by Nottravisgames
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The LewdPixels.com 2020 Award for Best Writing goes to: Heavy Five (Nottravis)
Here’s Notty, at it again! Heavy Five doesn’t just have an interesting cast or a compelling storyline – it’s a truly massive undertaking. There are already dozens of paths to be taken in the game, with Notty having said she plans to have hundreds. It’s an absolutely mind-blowing amount of work; but that level of effort brings about replayability rarely seen even in AAA titles. You can rest assured the ending to Heavy Five won’t just be different coloured lasers.

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