V.A. Laurie, Charon, Envixer and Teri (Nine of Swords) January 2, 2021 Staff Picks: Best Original Art 2020


Staff Picks: Best Original Art 2020

Art alone doesn’t make a game – but it certainly plays a large factor in a game’s presentation. While many may use pre-made assets or photographs to good effect, we wanted to give acknowledgement to those who go above and beyond in their lewd endeavors, creating their graphical elements from scratch to present a truly unique visual experience.

Best Original Art

3rd Place

Summertime Saga

by Kompas Productions
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We chose Summertime Saga for 3rd place this year, but it wasn’t an easy decision. Developed by a team called Kompas Productions, Summertime Saga has been consistently a beautiful game for the few years it has been in development. With beautifully drawn characters, funny memes and references thrown in, and a lot of content to find, you’ll be sure to love playing this game.

Best Original Art

2nd Place

Light of My Life

by Naughty Road
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The runner up for Art this year is Light of My Life, by NaughtyRoad. While he may start off with some pre-made assets, the editing done to them to make them his own versions, is noticeable from the moment you begin. We find the unique feel to the art in this game is worthy of some praise, but it’s not just the unique character models; you’ll find a lot of really nice touches to the art in this game, which makes it worth checking out.

Best Original Art

Honourable Mention

City of Broken Dreamers

by PhillyGames
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The look and feel of City of Broken Dreamers is entirely immersive. PhillyGames has created a world that is at times beautiful, at times ugly but always stunning. It has the feel of Bladerunner but more so as we get to see it in the day time too when the neon fades.

Best Original Art

Honourable Mention

Hanna Futile Resistance

by X3rr4
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X3rr4, developer of Hanna Futile Resistance is first and foremost an artist. She uses all the tricks of the trade to make her characters come to life on the screen all while maintaining a unique style.

Best Original Art

1st Place

What A Legend!

by MagicNuts
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The LewdPixels.com 2020 Award for Best Original Art is: What a Legend! (Chestnut of MagicNuts)
Part of the husband-and-wife duo known as MagicNuts, Chestnut brings out the vibrant, mystical, and hilarious world of What a Legend! with beautiful hand-drawn 2D art. The colourful scenery, diverse assortment of characters, and gorgeous scenes are all brought to stunning visual life through Chestnut’s artistry.

Congratulations to the winners. Stay tuned tomorrow to check out the winners of our Best NPC category.

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1 year ago

I believe Naughty Road with “Light of My Life” deserved the Award for the Best Original Art. Runner up didn’t make justice to it.

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