V.A. Laurie, Teri (Nine of Swords), TotesNotThea and PixelRepublic January 3, 2021 Staff Picks: Best NPC 2020


Staff Picks: Best NPC 2020

Having a memorable cast of characters is important to any game, but more so in games where you’re likely going to be sleeping with them. Fans of games will always squabble over who their favourite is; usually with terms like “best girl” or “waifu”. We were looking for the character who stood out amongst stand-out characters.

Best NPC

3rd Place

Shauna – WVM

by Braindrop
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There are a lot of women in WVM all with their own histories and backstories but none more important that Shauna. Shauna is the MC’s best friend and depending on early choices very much the reason the MC is attending WVM at all. If you play her as a trans woman she also has a very compelling story line that’s both sad and life affirming.

Best NPC

2nd Place

Katie Hamilton – City of Broken Dreamers

by PhillyGames
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Katie is the perfect storm of looks, brains, compassion and bravery. City of Broken Dreamers has many stand out characters but she shines a bit brighter than the rest.

Best NPC

Honourable Mention

Rebecca – A New Home

by Envixer
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Starting off as an early love interest and someone with whom you explore the love aspect of your family. Rebecca is a constant source of strength and amusement. Her attitude and loving nature will leave a lasting impression on any player of A New Home.

Best NPC

Honourable Mention

Melody – Freeloading Family

by FFCreations
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Melody, or Niagara to those closest to her, is a carefree spirit with few worries in the world; when she’s not giving out surprisingly apt nicknames to people you can find her at her coffee shop handing out surprisingly accurate observations.

Best NPC

1st Place

Sarah Davis – Heavy Five

by Nottravisgames
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The LewdPixels.com 2020 Award for Best NPC goes to: Sarah Davis (Heavy Five)
It’s interesting times on Ophion, but things are even more interesting when Sarah is around. Whether she’s getting stuck in an alien monster’s lair, making accidental (or intentional) innuendos, or doing some gaming, Davis is certainly one to leave an impression. She’s sure to bring a smile to your face when she shows you her CoC

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