V.A. Laurie, Teri (Nine of Swords), Envixer, Charon and TotesNotThea January 5, 2021 Staff Picks: Best Game of the Year 2020

Staff Picks: Best Game of the Year 2020

Our final award is the most prestigious of honours – Game of the Year. Which game has stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest to combine all of the elements into a harmonious whole — or, in some cases, a harmonious hole? A game that is more than the sum of its parts. One game stood out to us as the crème de la crème….

Best Game

3rd Place


by DarkBlue
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The LewdPixels.com staff chose Hillside as the 3rd best game of the year, and there is little question as to why. This has been a game that our staff has enjoyed from start to finish, and one that we think needs to be checked out. DarkBlue has done a wonderful job on this and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

Best Game

2nd Place

Leap of Faith

by DriftyGames
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Leap of Faith has been a game that since its release has brought with it high quality images and incredible story. DriftyGames is a developer to look out for in the future, and it’s clear just by checking out Leap of Faith.

Best Game

Honourable Mention

Being a DIK

by Dr PinkCake
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As an honourable mention we have Being a DIK, by Dr.PinkCake with its well written story, beautiful characters and an amazing and entertaining soundtrack. Being a DIK is a very well known game at this point, for good reason. The production quality of this game is top tier.

Best Game

Honourable Mention

The Visit

by Stiglet
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At first glance of the description, The Visit may appear to be just another game, but once you dive into you, you’ll find that it is a well thought out and developed game worthy of your attention. Stiglet should be proud of the work done on The Visit and everyone should be interested in seeing what comes next.

Best Game

1st Place

Heavy Five

by Nottravisgames
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The LewdPixels.com 2020 Game of the Year is: Heavy Five (Nottravis)
It should come as little surprise that the game found to have the best writing, best character, and best developer would take home the big award. To have this amount of polish on a game of this size is a truly staggering undertaking – yet Notty does it almost entirely on her own! Heavy Five truly delivers with a choice of four different playable characters, a dizzying amount of impactful story choices, and so many secrets that a good number of them may go undiscovered until alien archivists come to scavenge our deserted planet. This reward is well earned!

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10 months ago

As good of a game as Heavy Five may be (and I didn’t think it was that great. I couldn’t even enjoy it enough to play all of the currently available content) it did not deserve to win pretty much all of your “best of” lists.

10 months ago
Reply to  Lysergic

That is your opinion, these results are ours. You’re as entitled to your opinion as we are to ours.

Just because you don’t agree with these choices, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

Last edited 10 months ago by PixelRepublic
10 months ago

Sorry but I’ll argue that the best game of the year is Being A Dik, and you should have had The Delucca Family as a Honorable Mention just saying.