Slack August 31, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week – Tame It!


Staff Pick of the Week – Tame It!

One game I’ve been following for quite a while is Tame it! By Manka Games. I’ve always been a fan of survival games and Tame it! is the perfect example of an adult survival game done right. However, survival isn’t the only thing interesting about this title; all text barring the title and splash screen has been swapped with emojis! Making it — in theory — universally understood.

The game starts off with our MC ” travelling by plane. When he notices his extremely attractive pilot, things get a bit hot. After checking into the Mile High Club, things go awry when the plane starts falling from the sky. Our MC manages to parachute to the relative safety of a desert island, but the fate of his partner at this point, however, is left unknown.

One of the few inhabitants of the island

Once on the island, the player is slowly acquainted with the game’s survival mechanics, such as healing, scavenging for food, and gathering materials for crafting. Once the player is more comfortable with their situation, a few minigames are introduced, and the game slowly builds up from there. The story is paced against the players’ progress, and we start to learn more about the island and its strange inhabitants.

If you’re interested in something of a unique experience, then I can’t recommend Tame it! enough. It pulls off a tough premise and sticks the landing with great art and mechanics.

Try out Tame it! dear reader and give us your opinion on the game in the comments.


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11 months ago

Looks so cool!

Manka Games
Manka Games
11 months ago

Wow, thank you! It’s an honor for us!
We plan to release early access to the next update at the end of this week already. Feel free to request a press version! 😊

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