OfficiallyGames December 20, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week – Sorcerer


Staff Pick of the Week – Sorcerer

As some may know, I am a big fan of AVNs that are a part of the fantasy genre and feature a range of aspects such as magic, monsters and of course; fantastically sexy lewd scenes. Sorcerer ticks a lot of my boxes and I bet it will tick a lot of yours too, if you have similar opinions to me when it comes to fantasy AVNs.

In Sorcerer you play as Alexander Ward (name can be changed) who is an orphan and raised by nuns, who is now a courier who gets and delivers items that many cannot. Life seems fairly normal until certain events unfold that cause your entire perspective of the world to be flipped. But at least some of these events involve meeting the love of your life, Miyuki (Plus a few others) and of course some very sexy scenes. Now a lord of his own house with some very powerful abilities, you are trying to save the world from a fallen angel army. Luckily you have your own army of sorts but harem would better word for it.

As you play through, you will meet a range of weird and wonderful characters including Gorgons and Sprites, and yes, there are lewd scenes with them and more of the mystical characters in the world.

I highly recommend Sorcerer to anyone who loves the world of fantasy and magic. Not only does it have fantastical characters and sexy lewds but it also has a gripping story that will definitely get you hooked and impatient for the next update to come. Maybe fantasy and magic isn’t your thing, I still highly suggest you give Sorcerer a try as I bet there will be something that you love.

Have you played Sorcerer? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord! Also, make sure you show Talothral some love for making such an interesting and enjoyable game!


Hey! I'm 'OfficiallyGames' and also go by 'OG'. I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, the first game I played was 'Witch Trainer: Silver Mod' but it was 'Sisterly Lust' and 'My New Family' that got me hooked. Since then I have been inspired to become an AVN developer myself.

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