Slack July 26, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week – Shuggerlain


Staff Pick of the Week – Shuggerlain

Some time back I recommended a game called Space Paws for Throwback Thursday. Well, Shuggerlain has another game currently in development by the very same people. It’s a larger game with a fantasy theme and a bigger focus on combat. Development started early last year and although updates are slow coming, the game is still exceptionally good.

Shuggerlain follows our MC Nulkan—an army captain from Ashtera, as he battles the regime that assassinated the previous Emperor. After his hometown is destroyed and his son killed, he joins up with a defecting mage on a journey of revenge. As he ventures forth, he meets several characters that might help or hinder him. The story so far is decent and sets up many interesting future events. The lore and world-building is well thought out and adds a lot to the story.

Taifun Riders have put a lot of emphasis on the combat systems and I honestly think it’s one of the best so far in the industry. Combat is turn-based, and you participate in large-scale battles by pitting your army against an enemy army. It has a refreshing style and meshes well with the other aspects of the game.

Although there isn’t much sexual content in the current version, what’s there is very well produced and really enjoyable. I would suggest keeping an eye on this title as I can guarantee it will be worth the wait.

I hope you try out the game and tell us below what you thought of Shuggerlain. Was it any good?


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