Slack January 25, 2022 Staff Pick of the Week — Radiant


Staff Pick of the Week — Radiant

Radiant is probably one of those games you’ve heard a lot about but never actually tried. Or maybe you have tried it and you’re telling everyone you know about it. Well, probably not everyone but you get the idea. Radiant is game that flavours itself with stellar art and quality writing.

Our MC is a man with a nice car, a nice house, a successful photography studio, and money that no one would sneeze at. All is well until three girls whom all appear to be triplets shows up at his doorstep. They claim to be his daughters while also looking suspiciously like the literal girl of his dreams.

How he deal with these new people in his life is all up to the player. Will he raise them right like a loving father or will he submit to his deeper and darker desires? Their fates are in your hands.

What about you? Have you played Radiant? If not, maybe now’s the chance to try it out and see if you’ll be able to resist the charms of your kin.


A purveyor of the written word. My speciality is story-crafting but I dabble in other interests from time to time. Speaker of six tongues, master of only one.

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2 months ago

I found Radiant about a year ago and I enjoyed everything it had to offer. I only wish it wasn’t abandoned.

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