Slack November 29, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week — Price for Freedom: Avarice


Staff Pick of the Week — Price for Freedom: Avarice

At heart, I’m someone who’s deeply fond of CRPGs from the days of yore. And for a long time, I’ve wanted an adult themed Baldur’s Gate to play. Enter Price for Freedom: Avarice, as RPGs go, it’s mechanics are simple but salient and once you’ve grasped how the game works, it’s smooth sailing from there.

But enough about mechanics and gameplay, it’s time to talk about plot and ‘plot.’ In terms of storytelling, I think it’s in a unique place; unlike many other adult games, it’s story is developed in tandem with the webcomic of the same name and therefore is set in the same world. IMO, the game should be enjoyed while also reading the comic.

And speaking of ‘plot,’ you can expect the same high quality art that you’d expect from the comic. There’s quite the selection of scenes that’ll surely tickle your fancy.

There’s a lot of meat on this bone that’s for sure. From a solid gameplay loop to beautifully drawn and animated scenes. I’ve quite enjoyed my time with it and I’m sure you will too.

What do you think? Is Price for Freedom: Avarice something you might be interested in? Maybe you’ve already played it? If so, tell us what you thought of it in the comments.


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