Gu57avo December 27, 2021 Staff Pick of the week: Paradox


Staff Pick of the week: Paradox

I don’t tend to look at games on their first release, because I don’t want to get invested in a story that will never get finished. But something made me try this game, and I’m glad I did.

Paradox’s story is not the most original; if I tell you to imagine an Adult VN with time travel elements called Paradox, you would probably have a good idea of what the game is. In fact, reading some comments about the game, I’m not alone in what I think one pretty big twist of the game might be. Regardless of if I think the plot might be predictable, I still am interested in seeing how we get there, what will the MC do, and what else the universe of the game has in store.

They do hold Pizza like a crazy person for some reason

Visually, the game looks very crisp, and the lighting looks nice. But that’s to be expected from someone with experience in Daz, especially since this isn’t RoyalCandy’s first game. Something you will recognize if you’ve played other AVNs before though, is that some character models that look identical to characters in other titles.

This game looks pretty promising though, and it’s ultimately the story that will make or break this game. And I will be watching its development closely. This game could become something special, we just have to wait and see.


Look Mom, I'm writing about porn games now! Are you proud of me?

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