Gu57avo July 19, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week – Now & Then


Staff Pick of the Week – Now & Then

Now & Then is a very well written take on the zombie and post-apocalyptic genre. It not only portrays the characters in their new reality, but it has a very interesting feature that gives Now & Then it’s name: the game features “flashbacks”. These add a depth to the story that let you get to know the characters from both before and after the outbreak.

Now & Then: A Tale of the End is being developed by ILSProductions, the game contains step-daughter/step-father incest, some light gore, and violence here and there. The camera work, angles, and lighting are among the best I’ve seen, especially considering that the game’s visuals are done in Honey Select. The game tells the tale of Jack (the MC, you can change his name), and how him and his adoptive daughter Carol are coping and surviving a pandemic that sees the infected start behaving like animals and slowly dying in the process (this results in what is essentially zombies). Parallel to this, you see the past of how was Carol’s adoption, their routine while she still went to high school, how she adapted to living with a stranger and how they eventually became a family. You also get to see glimpses of Jack’s life, and what led to his decision to adopt Carol.

The game is now on version 0.18.0 and in chapter eighteen, the game already has so much content and so much has happened in the story that it’s a great time to jump in. Along the game you’ll meet some other characters, but in this one Carol is the “main girl”, she’s the one you want to protect and the one you’ll fall for.

If you plan on trying the game out, or if you already have, let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments.


Look Mom, I'm writing about porn games now! Are you proud of me?

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1 year ago

Saying this is a zombie porn game just doesn’t do it justice. Worth the download and worth some bucks to the developer if you can spare the change.

1 year ago

At first I was really apprehensive of this title. I watched too many Walking Dead episodes and read too many lore and just was sick of it.

But this title won me over. It won me over HARD. After playing it through Chapter 17, it has become one of my favourites.

I truly love this game.

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