LewdPixels August 16, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week – My Girlfriend’s Friends


Staff Pick of the Week – My Girlfriend’s Friends

My Girlfriend’s Friends is an adult visual novel by developer Kyle Mercury. I recently played through the currently available free demo, and found it to be a fun and quirky little AVN with a bright future.

Pictured: Mia, your clumsy new girlfriend.

The game is centered around you, the main character, a recent college grad and freelance programmer. You’ve recently moved into your own apartment, and you’re enjoying the honeymoon of your new relationship with Mia, your girlfriend. She’s enthusiastic about introducing you to all of her friends as her new boyfriend.

In Kyle’s own words, “Staying loyal, falling in love, falling in lust. The choices are yours to make! So make them wisely, as you’ll only have a month to spend time with everyone. Cheating and high risk sex is a main theme of the game, if you’re not into that don’t worry! Staying loyal and having a happy ending is a 100 percent viable option”.

The currently free demo, version v0.75, includes the introduction to the game where you meet and slowly start to befriend each of Mia’s friends, and some of her family, in the days following your meeting.

All of the sex scenes in the demo version are vanilla scenes with Mia, but they are well drawn, and the style has a certain charm to it. Future releases of the game are intended to have rougher content, such as choosing to engage in sub / dom relationships with your girlfriend’s friends.

According to a post on Kyle’s Patreon page, v1.0 of the game, which will be a large content update, is expected in late August or early September at the latest.

Are you planning on playing My Girlfriend’s Friends? Have you already played the demo? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments, and be sure to join the LewdPixels Discord!

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