Slack June 26, 2021 Staff Pick Of The Week – Lucky Paradox

Staff Pick Of The Week – Lucky Paradox

Stawer’s Lucky Paradox is quite the interesting little game. When I first started playing I didn’t really expect much—just another gimmicky AVN. Well, after playing it through I quickly began singing a different tune and it wasn’t long before I started loving the characters and enjoying the story. In Lucky Paradox you play as someone returning to his hometown to take care of his best friend’s sister, Primrose. Throughout the game you meet a whole host of quirky characters and slowly begin to uncover the “magical” secret held within the city of Argleton.

Stawer has crafted quite the story here. With a dash of science fiction and a sprinkling of fantasy, things get plenty interesting. The game start out simple enough—The MC returns to investigate his best friend’s disappearance and in the process meets some peculiar people. Then, things start getting really freaky. I won’t spoil what happens because I truly recommend that you find out yourself. The story is weird and fun just like the game’s cast of characters.

Lucky Paradox is still being worked on and there are many more features and story elements to be added. Stawer had a lot of passion for this game and it shows with how great the game already is. Go show them some support either on their Patreon or their Discord.

Let us know what you think of the game. Did you enjoy the story or was it too outlandish? Tell us in the comments!


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