Slack September 27, 2021 Staff Pick of the Week – Harem Hotel


Staff Pick of the Week – Harem Hotel

There are two types of adult games that absolutely get me hooked; the first being trainer games and the second being harem builders. In fact, it was a harem trainer game that got me into adult games. With that said, how I’ve not played Harem Hotel for so long must be some sort of crime. It combines two of my favourite genres into one hell of a game.

Our MC receives a letter from his late grandfather in which he is bequeathed the titular harem hotel. Now our MC has to manage the hotel, appease its guests, and acquire more maids. His first maid is the young elf Lin. As she is a new hire, she has to be trained and that’s where the player comes in. The player will not only have to train Lin but many of the other girls that walk through the Hotel’s doors.

As the player progresses, they will learn more about the world the characters inhabit and start forming relationships with those characters. Slowly we learn the stories of the residents of the Harem Hotel and their feeling towards each other and towards our MC.

Although there isn’t much to glean from the overall plotline of the game, it really makes up for it with the great scenes and quality production value. Even if you’re not a huge fan of trainers or harem games, there’s still a tonne of grade-A material here to enjoy.

I recommend you play Harem Hotel and tell us what you thought. Was it the training or the harem building that got your attention?


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8 months ago

The character models look so good!

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