V.A. Laurie, Teri (Nine of Swords), Envixer and Charon January 1, 2021 Staff Pick: Best Developer of the year 2020

Staff Pick: Best Developer of the year 2020

Our first award, Developer of the Year, is for the developer who presents themselves and their game with grace and style. We were looking for developers who not only put forth a good effort on their game, but interact with their audience and bring about a general positive atmosphere surrounding their creation. The game may stimulate our minds, and… other places, but what developer stimulates our hearts?

Best Developer

3rd Place


Developer of: Our Red String
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Starting off with 3rd Place for Best Developer we have chosen EvaKiss, developer of Our Red String and Good Girl Gone Bad! With some fantastic art and wonderful gameplay, EvaKiss would have been an easy nominee even without considering the dedication given to the community. EvaKiss posts all the time on Patreon, giving insight into the production of Our Red String, which is a very nice way to keep the audience checking back, and keeping excitement high.

Best Developer

2nd Place


Developer of: WVM
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Coming in at the 2nd Place position this year for best developer we have Braindrop! WVM is undoubtedly a well known game, and being a one-person-dev-team, Braindrop is showing everyone just what it takes to pump out high quality content all by yourself. We spoke with Braindrop earlier this year – be sure to check that out, right after you go play WVM.

Best Developer

Honourable Mention

Dr PinkCake

Developer of: Being a DIK
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An honourable mention goes out to DrPinkCake, the developer of the quite popular game Being a DIK. If a game has a strong and growing fan base, it can be challenging to keep them happy. A large audience is motivation and pressure at the same time.  The amount of Patreon and social media content were well done and updates to Being a DIK were reliable and good quality.

Best Developer

Honourable Mention

Naughty Road

Developer of: Light of My Life
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NaughtyRoad has been a steady developer releasing infrequent yet large updates, and has remained strong in their desire to not only keep their game free, but to stick to their plan, their choices, and their uniquely beautiful art. An honourable mention goes out to them for being a good example to other developers!


Best Developer

1st Place


Developer of: Heavy Five
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The LewdPixels.com Developer of the Year is… Nottravis!
Nottravis – known as “Notty” amongst her fans and friends – maintains near-constant communication with the Heavy Five community; and indeed, her actions have made Heavy Five a community. Through her Patreon, her forums, on Discord, and even on other sites, Notty makes sure to be present and courteous.

Stay turned to find out the winners of our Best Writer, NPC, Original Art & Game.

V.A. Laurie

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Teri (Nine of Swords)

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19 days ago

As a supporter of LoML and Naughty Road I’m glad to see the Dev is getting some recognition _ no question he has earned it.

20 days ago

Congratulations to the winners, well deserved indeed! <3 <3 <3

John Connor
John Connor
20 days ago

Kudos to all!

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