OfficiallyGames September 18, 2021 Red, the sexiest hair colour – Top Redheads in AVNs

Red, the sexiest hair colour – Top Redheads in AVNs

Redheads, Gingers; whatever you call them, you gotta agree that they are all sexy. In this article I will be showing you some of my favorite redheaded girls from some great adult games.

Stacy – WVM

Stacy, from WVM by Braindrop, is probably one of the cutest redheads you will ever lay your eyes on. She is a gorgeous college girl with a sexy petite figure and beautiful long red hair.


by Braindrop
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Male Protagonist Mobile Game Harem Romance School Setting Animated
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Victoria – City Of Broken Dreamers

Victoria, from City Of Broken Dreamers by PhillyGames, is such a sexy woman with a powerful aura around them. They may seem off at first but play your cards right and this gorgeous redhead will be getting you off.

City of Broken Dreamers

by PhillyGames
Engine: Ren'py
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Lemon – Dusklight Manor

Lemon, from Dusklight Manor by Daniels K, is a sexy maid of the manor who has a certain quirk about her but that will probably make you love her even more; especially when you will be giving her some brand new experiences.

Dusklight Manor

by Daniels K
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Animated Male Protagonist Romance Paranormal
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Katie – Where The Heart Is

Katie, from Where The Heart Is by CheekyGimp, is a gorgeous firecracker who may drive you nuts but for all the right reasons. She may seem tough on the outside but she’s a lovable romantic redhead on the inside – just make sure not to say that to her beautiful face.

Where The Heart Is

by CheekyGimp
Engine: Ren'py
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Lydia – A Knights Tale

Lydia, from A Knights Tale by Neverlucky, is a cute little redhead who you rescued as a child and she now works for you as a servant girl. Even though she is like a daughter to you, that doesn’t stop you two getting closer even though she can be shy but that just makes her even more adorable.

A Knight’s Tale

by Neverluckystudios
Engine: Ren'py
Genre(s): 3D CG Male Protagonist Animated Fantasy
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What do you think of the girls on this list? Do you agree? Are there any redheads that we missed? Tell us in the comments below.


Hey! I'm 'OfficiallyGames' and also go by 'OG'. I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, the first game I played was 'Witch Trainer: Silver Mod' but it was 'Sisterly Lust' and 'My New Family' that got me hooked. Since then I have been inspired to become an AVN developer myself.

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2 months ago

Makes me *red* with envy!

Robert Ekdahl
Robert Ekdahl
2 months ago

Fantastic! Gotta say the first 2 are my Fav’s here 🙂