PixelRepublic February 4, 2021 Plexstorm is at it again.


Plexstorm is at it again.

In our team voice channel, there was a worried message from a streaming partner.

Plexstorm is yet again having major issues with their service.

If you’re familiar with their platform, or stream on there, you will know that Plexstorm and issues go hand in hand.

Up until last week, they had locked down their entire Discord server, for a rebuild that was meant to take just hours but went on for days. They claimed that this was to improve their service, however, it happened very close to the growing controversy surrounding their facilitation for racism, sexism, and general bigotry in their memes channel.

Today, all of their streamers’ broadcasts were cut off, and their channels showed a suspicious message in place of the broadcast.

This is in violation of Cloudflare’s Terms of Service

Understandably, the many streamers that rely on the likes of Plexstorm were scrambling to restart their broadcasts on other platforms.

Meanwhile on their newly restructured support Discord server. People were trying to raise this issue, but were constantly being directed to a non-descriptive announcement post on the matter.

Members were, understandably, running with what they had seen on broadcasts; that Cloudflare was to blame for this outage.

And Plexstorm Staff seemed perfectly happy with this, to ignore these messages, and only addressing messages on other matters, for example, their lack of a general discussion channel. These calls were met with messages to stop posting in said channel.

Being a customer of Cloudflare for 10 plus years, availing of a lot of the same services that Plexstorm.com is, I had to voice my opinion.

Cloudflare would not hijack a clients stream service like this and embarrass them. It would be a court case waiting to happen. If you voilate their TOS in a big way, they cut off your entire server, and there would be site access issues, which there are not.

I was instantly banned from their Discord server.

I should clarify, that Cloudflare and their Stream service – which is what allows Plexstorm to stream content – does not have any issue with NSFW or Porn content. Many other, and bigger, streaming services use it without issue.

Why were Plexstorm Staff so afraid of someone speaking the truth? Why were they happy with messages that blamed Cloudflare, but not with messages questioning the party line? With Plexstorms continued issues growing in severity, how long can it survive?


I'm Pixel, founder of LewdPixels.com, a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. You'll often find me here in a state of angry ranting. I respond to Pixel or "Daddy".

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2 years ago

Seems like they are following in the footsteps of that Gooshie site, kinda sucks since it is an interesting concept. A NSFW version of Twitch, then againhow long would that really be allowed to exist.

2 years ago

Don’t bother. They haven’t paid any of their streamers since April 2021 and keep making excuses to why they won’t/cant pay their streamers. So if you want to get paid, go to stripchat or chaterbate. If you just want to chit chat and play videogames on stream, go for it.

2 years ago

This whole situation sucks ass. There’s no place to talk on their Discord anymore, no way to ask the devs questions about the platform or it’s future, etc. It’s discouraging, because I like the premise of the site, but it’s far behind on getting even the most basic of features like a user list for the chat.

2 years ago
Reply to  PixelRepublic

Between the payout issues and the site always breaking down, streamers have been moving to othersites. Including some of their top streamers. If they don’t shape up I don’t see the site surviving another. Which kinda sad cause most streamers and their chats seem to be decent people. And plexstorm’s seemed to be where most of the sites toxicity lied imo.

2 years ago

A CDN like Cloudflare changing the content of the files it serves? It would require and order of magnitude too much compute. Unpacking everything up to the html level then repacking it for each and every user, instead of serving precached files is not feasible at that scale.

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