OfficiallyGames June 21, 2021 NTR – What does it Mean?


NTR – What does it Mean?

Netorare or NTR as it is more commonly known is probably the biggest argument/debate within the adult gaming industry; mainly surrounding the definition of ‘NTR’. Some people may believe NTR is when the MC’s partner/love interest is being unfaithful, others believe it is when MC’s partner/love interest is purposefully making the MC jealous by engaging with another person. Some people even believe that flashbacks of the MC’s love interests’ previous sexual encounters (Before meeting or getting with the MC) count as NTR.

The Wikipedia definition of ‘NTR’ is ‘Japanese term for cheating or being unfaithful, used in hentai media’. Whereas the adult site ‘F95Zone’ definition of ‘NTR’ is ‘Designed to cause jealousy by having the romantic interest involved with someone other than the MC’. The Urban Dictionary definition of ‘Netorare’ is ‘A term used for a story theme that focuses on a particular type of cheating/unfaithfulness in a relationship in an adult-oriented real-life video, manga, or anime.’

One running theme throughout these definitions is ‘Cheating’ so it can be safe to say and agree that ‘NTR/Netorare’ always contains a form of cheating. Does it involve jealousy? Previous encounters? Perhaps, perhaps not. In my opinion, NTR is simply just MC’s partner/love interest cheating/being unfaithful, nothing to do with jealousy or a love interest’s previous encounters. Due to there being no clear definition of ‘NTR’ it causes many debates about games in forums, discord servers, etc. about the meaning of NTR and if a certain in-game scene classifies as NTR.

NTR/Netorare also commonly gets confused with ‘sharing’ and ‘cuckolding’. This is probably because they all involve the partner/love interest engaging in sexual activities with other people/characters. The difference is that ‘sharing’ involves sharing your partner with other people and ‘cuckolding’ is encouraging your partner to engage in sexual activities with others as it brings you pleasure, can also include being humiliated/degraded by your partner as you watch or know they are with another person. It should also be mentioned that people also believe that rape/forcing the partner to cheat on the MC, is NTR but I disagree as I believe the cheating in NTR is always voluntary and not forced.

Overall, it’s all down to your preference. So I personally, don’t believe that there can be or will ever be, a set definition for ‘NTR/Netorare’. Whatever you believe/prefer it to be, is up to you.


Hey! I'm 'OfficiallyGames' and also go by 'OG'. I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, the first game I played was 'Witch Trainer: Silver Mod' but it was 'Sisterly Lust' and 'My New Family' that got me hooked. Since then I have been inspired to become an AVN developer myself.

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Baron Von Motte
Baron Von Motte
8 months ago

“Netorare” as a Japanese word may mean only “cheating”, but a NTR-game, i.e., a game that plays on this fetish, i.m.h.o., is what we could call involuntary cuckolding. This is because, for someone to play — willingly — a game like this, this one should get some form of arousal from the NTR situation; and, to distinguish it from cuckoldry, I think the NTR-situation is involuntary where the player/MC feels bad, but, at the same time, gets aroused in a sort of psychological-masochist way. I think this distinction is important because, besides personal preferences, games get tagged and labeled and I think it should be unfair for a game which its focus is not that fetish to be tagged as NTR.

11 months ago

what are the games pictured in the post banner?

1 year ago

The firs time I encounterd the Tag was in hentai and did not like it. At the time for me it meant something specific: the stealing of the affection of a character to an other throug corruption. The means could vary, but would usualy involve blackmail. The reason for corrupting the companion of an other could be multiple. It could be out of vengence toward the loved ones of the corrupted, for the sport or to exploit the corrupted, but would never be out of love toward them.

It would usualy involve a woman being corrupted and a man being the manipulator. I allways found it insulting toward both women and men because it alwas seemed to me that the women would be depicted as weak willed reassourceless individuals and men as either manipulative scums or clueless unapealing individual (I would call them “Flanc mou” in french)

About your argument for the corrupted person willingly going into it: From the stories I read it would sometime be the case but falling out of love for their partner would not be the goal for starting a relationship. And yes the start of the corruption could sometime be sparked by coerrion (and that kind of rape) but I agree that by the end the corrupted would always be willing in their final state in the stories.

But it seams to me that the deffinition has evolved to englobe more than that. I gess it is more linked with the emotions felt by the player or reader than the situation depicted. Disgust, revolt, outraged, rage. With some people being realy susceptible to the point of wanting mothers in incest games to be virgins it is no suprise that the definition has broadened.

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