2C3D November 13, 2021 New Artist Spotlight — Willibrordus

New Artist Spotlight — Willibrordus

I recently had an opportunity to sit down and interview up and coming artist, Willibrordus.

Q: How long have you been making this kind of art?

A: Less than a year. I installed Daz on my old pc in December of 2020.

Q: What motivated you to get into this?

I had been into this art form for several years before I started making it myself. But I can’t really put a date on it. It started when I discovered the Japanese anime style erotica and by chance I came across rendered art and that seems to interest me more than the drawn material.  So I started seeking the rendered stuff more.  But after a while I started to see too many of the same things, and I was missing some aspects, and that’s what motivated me to try it myself.

… I started to see too many of the same things, and I was missing some aspects, and that’s what motivated me to try it myself.

Q: What kinds of tools do you use?

A: use Daz for the rendered part to create the scenes, and I always run my renders through Photoshop to retouch the things that Daz can’t do and to take care of some artifacting. When I do lightsabers and emissive things like that, I rely heavily on Photoshop to get the look I want. I’m using a 20-year-old version of Photoshop, so there are some limitations to what is possible compared to the more modern ones.

Q: Aside from updating Photoshop, are there other programs you’d like to explore using in your work?

A: m still exploring the possibilities with the current software I’m using. There still are functions that I have not used yet. But I have heard good things about Gimp as an alternative to Photoshop. Krita is also one I want to check out. For the renders I’m still tuning my skills on Daz, but there are some guys I know that use other render engines and plug-ins which may be a step-up from what I’m currently using. When I feel more confident in my abilities, I may look into octane as a plug-in and maybe Blender if I want to start creating my own assets. But that’s not an immediate priority. There’s still too much to learn with my current tools.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

A: I get inspired by new assets that come out. Sometimes simply seeing a new asset I can visualize a scene or a series of scenes I can do with it. Some inspiration comes from other artists I look up to, but that’s a tough one since I don’t want to copy other work, so I always have to think of variations on the theme they use. I need a lot of time to come up with some of those variations sometimes. My own older work can also be an inspiration for new twists or adaptations, or I sometimes see old work of mine that I have new skills to use on and that’s when I try to update/improve older work to my newer and higher standards.  Some inspiration is me missing some aspects from this art form, so I try to implement that myself. I miss some passion, romance and love sometimes. We see so much of the hard stuff and the more vanilla material gets forgotten because so much of the 3DX crown seems to be a bit desensitized to the softer material. That’s why I lean in to less hardcore work.

Q: Vehicles, sci-fi, & classic pinups are recurring themes in your work?  What other themes would you like to explore?

A: I like to explore Fantasy, for which I have made a couple of concept arts. I’m already compiling assets I can use for that. I’ve noted down a lot of Ideas to use in that Fantasy project, and I will be creating custom characters for that too, which I have not done much so far. My Ahsoka (and alternate Darth Ahsoka) model I use is my most heavily modified model yet. Most others apart from my males are designed by other artists that I used their designs as a starting point. For my Fantasy Idea I have a female model and a Dragon, but as it sits now I will probably fully redesign the female lead character. The dragon is pretty much locked in. I’m also sitting on a scenario I made for a short film (I’m also an amateur filmmaker) but that scenario is too ambitious to film with the limited resources we have as filmmakers, So I will try to make a Graphic novel adaptation of that story. That will be a Gothic Horror story, for which I currently still lack the skills to tackle the visuals properly in rendered art. But that is definitely a project I will take on once my skills are adequate for the image I have in my mind for it.

Q: What do you enjoy most about this type of expression?

When I make this art it makes me forget about the rest, when I work on these images it calms my usually constant active brain. This art to me is a form of escapism. The process to create is as important to me as the resulting image after all the work I did. It’s also a non-conforming art form that tends to rub some people the wrong way, much like I do in real life. And this allows me to create certain images a lot faster than I can do in film or photography.  I love the human anatomy and this allows me to explore that fully. I try to be very thorough in my posing and body balance. The human body is a work of art unto itself and being able to create images with the human anatomy as a centerpiece is very satisfying.  And this is a lot more free than working with a real life model.

This art to me is a form of escapism. The process to create is as important to me as the resulting image after all the work I did.

Q: New projects.  What are you working on next?

A: I have an unfinished series called Wine Fantasies I still want to continue and finish. One of my recent sets called Roadside Garage is only part one of that, so I have a part 2 planned, which I should start on quite soon. I have recently acquired an Asset for Assajj Ventress from the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series. I’d like to do some images with that. And while making the above things I’m looking into adding some skills in Daz and PhotoShop to improve my ability to create some of the projects I have mentioned before like the Horror Story and the Fantasy idea I have. I’m not a very fast learner and I don’t want to pressure myself too much since this is supposed to be a fun pastime, but once I’m familiar with some skills they become easier to add more abilities to.

Q: What are your goals as an artist?

A: Some recognition. I know we don’t make art that will work for everyone, but getting the material seen by people that enjoy it and that can appreciate some of the work we put in our art is one of the goals. Making art that isn’t enjoyed is pretty useless anyway. Finding an audience for my art is a bit of a struggle. My material is too hard for some outlets and too soft for others, which makes me fall in between a lot of other work, and it tends to become a bit invisible because of that. I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding what I seek in this artform but talking to other creators and artists has allowed me to put some stuff in better perspective. It’s slow-going, but there is growth in my viewer base and I do get positive feedback from other artists. Which is motivating me to keep going and keep growing my skills to keep creating better images.

Q: Any parting thoughts you’d like to add?

A: Yea, look my galleries up. Give feedback on the art, suggest improvements/changes, or inspire me for new images. Interact with my art and me. I’m ready to answer questions from anyone that has an interest in what I do. And for people that want to get into it, do not hesitate, just get the tools needed and get started. And whatever skills I have, I’m ready to share with others that want to learn.

Be sure to check out their galleries found here:


I mainly do pinup and lesbian artwork featuring slender, girl-next-door type models with a focus on sensuality.

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19 days ago

The shading looks phenomenal.

18 days ago
Reply to  Berry

Thank you for the feedback.
Do check out my galleries in the links, plenty more material to see there.