Dragonslayer13 August 13, 2021 Moms are sexy too – Top MILFs in lewd Games part 2


Moms are sexy too – Top MILFs in lewd Games part 2

Hello to all mommy lovers out there, today we will see part 2 of sext MILFs in the lewd games, check out part-1 if you haven’t. Most probably there will be another part coming out, so don’t worry if your favorite MILF character isn’t featured here, although I doubt the possibility that you will not like any character I am going to mention in this article, because they’re just gorgeous.

Linda from Milfy city

I don’t think this article will even exist without her, Milfy City was the first-ever adult game I have played and I was in love with Linda ever since, she is so seductive and a person with a landlady-like her is probably the luckiest man on earth!

Sophia from a Wife and Mother

I have to admit, I hate the pace at which this game moves but man, I can’t deny that Sophia is one of the hottest moms in the AVN universe.

Joyce from Midnight Paradise

Do I need to even describe why? Just look at her! Joyce is the best Milf Lewdlabs ever created period. Some would argue Jenna from DOD but, you all are wrong.

Marge from Measuring My Cum

Marge from MMC is a really hot MILF, the game features various roleplays and interesting scenarios, which makes things even hotter.

Rosa from Become A Rockstar

This Red-head beast from BARS is one of my absolute favorites, the first time I played BARS, already had sex scenes and boy did I enjoy them, I am disappointed that she doesn’t get the attention she deserves because she is not a LI, but I understand Mr Jet’s idea with his game so I can’t complain.

Madalyn from Treasure of Nadia

Madalyn, the best nun, MILF of all time is from the Treasure of Nadia and she is very beautiful and she becomes even hotter when she puts her devious mode on.

So, did we miss anyone? let us know your favorites in the comments.

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11 months ago

Much better than part 1

1 year ago

mystwood manor mom, come inside mom, milky touch mom, summer with mia mom, time for you mom….there’s tons of quality AVN moms 🙂

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