TotesNotThea May 14, 2021 LewdPixels is a year old – A year in review.


LewdPixels is a year old – A year in review.

A lot has happened over the past year.

The world went into lockdown.
I don’t need to give any more details here, I don’t think there is a single person reading this that hasn’t been affected in some way.

We lost some much-loved devs.
Chatterbox and Palmer to name but two. launched (Officially).
While the official launch was one year ago today, we had a soft launch a month earlier where a few game developers were invited to try out the new site.

Here is our first year in numbers.

  • 29 News articles
  • 95 Features ranging from guides and tutorials to opinion pieces.
  • 45 Reviews
  • 305 Game pages (so far)
  • 200+ Game developers registered on the site
  • 50+ Volunteers who have worked on the site
  • 1000+ Members on our Discord server
  • 1.4k+ Followers on Twitter
  • 2,850 Visitors to the site in the first month
  • 8,278 Visitors to the site in the twelfth month
  • Let’s not forget the semi-sentient Domme Discord Bot!

The year going forward… is still going strong with plans for new features on the website such as redeveloped Game Pages, a new Games Library, and a new Store, all coming soon.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far, and to those who are continuing to help going forward.

if you want to join our already awesome team of volunteers and help us grow, click here to see open positions.


I'm here to chew bubblegum and fix Pixel's writing and I'm all out of bubblegum! 😁

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2 years ago

Congrats on a Year guys! Cant wait to see where things take this site and community!

2 years ago

Congratulations on the anniversary! Looking forward to more great content in the future!❤️

2 years ago

Congratulations for reaching that milestone!

Improved game pages and a game library sound really cool. There are already so many games in the database but it’s really hard to access them. Would be nice to be able to browse through all the games and filter them by tags (like only showing completed games and stuff like that) to find hidden gems more easily.

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