LewdPixels August 11, 2020 Is the rise of adult games a reflection of our society?

Is the rise of adult games a reflection of our society?

Morality has always been an interesting topic for many reasons. It is often influenced by the culture that the person lives in and the time period of the person as well resulting in morality being very subjective and never objective. Sexual morality is something that is a very large example of that.

The free love ideas that started in the 60s with the hippies and the sexual liberation of women began to really change things. The laws that have been into place very recently also have very radically changed the landscape of how dating works and the hookup culture that we now see ourselves in. Things like “yes means yes” laws and “#believeallwomen” witch hunts that often happen now on social media have made dating nothing like what it used to be; which combined with the shift in morality, has led to a dating landscape that a lot of people are not bothering to be involved in anymore.

Now you might be saying “Well of course things change with time but why does it matter so much to adult games and society as a whole?”. As I continue to see more and more adult games pop up, with ever increasing quality, and more acceptance of them I also see things in society taking a major shift in the same direction. I can remember even as little as 15 years ago playing adult flash games on newgrounds thinking that was as good as it was going to get. Now you can go on something as mainstream as steam and see plenty of quality adult games and visual novels that have really well written characters and storylines with animations that are enough to make you want to jump through the computer and be with them forever.

Today’s society acts much of the same way in terms of instant access to beautiful women that for a price will do whatever you pay for. Cam workers, sugerbabies, escorts, and prostitutes are more prevalent now than ever before. Now morally speaking there is nothing wrong with that because they are being paid for a service just like anyone else but just like visual novels it isn’t real people having real emotions. Now that isn’t to say that getting lost in a story is a bad thing at all. The thing about movies, stories, games, and any other form of entertainment is that it does just that – entertain. I support a few devs myself because of the worlds they create and the characters that are in them.

Now with that instant access also comes the question of what this much access and acceptance of adult things does to our morality and society. The pursuit of happiness is something we all strive for and want in life. This happiness, of their creation and the happiness of others, is what drives devs to do great things like create the wonderful adult visual novels that we have today. Now with that being said usually a pursuit of immediate pleasure and happiness seems to be linked to less long term happiness outlook for a lot of people. Hookup culture is at it’s highest with things like tinder, bumble, or grinder and many others yet marriage rates are at the lowest and divorce rates are over 50 percent.

The ironic thing is that the same technology that is used for our hookup culture and allowed us to talk more than ever has actually also caused us to be further apart than ever before in terms of human connection. Human beings are social creatures by nature. This has been easily shown by the amount of suicides during the pandemic and how depression among people is higher now than ever before. Talking to someone over the internet is never the same as talking to them in person and being able to really interact with them.

Human beings are social creatures by nature

Now that isn’t to say you won’t get feelings when playing one of these adult visual novels. There was one that I did actually shed some tears on because of some of the stuff that happened in the game. If the story, which some of these are, is well written it can capture human emotion really well and make you feel a whole range of emotions.

Learning how to talk to people through human interaction is a huge part of the learning process. Men and women don’t know how to talk to each other in a lot of ways, in terms of dating, because of the vast amount of information on the internet being contradicting to itself all the time. On the internet people will say and do things they wouldn’t do in real life due to there not being as many consequences. At least on a visual novel if you say something the person don’t like you can reset and say the other option; even though in real life there is no back button.

Many people who i have spoken to or seen forums for discussions like this have spoken on their reasons for playing these games is because of our current society and the views within it. Take for example would you rather spend 60 dollars on a date not knowing whether it will lead to anything or take that same 60 dollars and get 3 games in which you could get all sorts of fun times or even take that same 60 dollars and go spend it on a cam girl. Now that isn’t to say that just because you take a girl out that you should automatically get some but communication as to what the intentions are of said get together should most certainly be discussed. Now if you spend that money on a game or a cam girl you know exactly what you are getting. A lot of people just don’t feel like dealing with the headaches or games that come with modern dating as well.

One of the biggest things that seems to be a driving force for more adult games is just the women themselves. In an adult visual novel you know what type of girls are in it and you know what fetishes they like. By having this information you can know which girl you want and live out whatever adventure you want through them within the confines of your home judgement free. So many men and women in today’s society all try to be the same and act the same to the point that it is hard to tell them apart from each other if it wasn’t for their looks. Adult visual novels allow the people you meet to all have unique personalities.

Adult visual novels allow the people you meet to all have unique personalities.

A lot of the fetishes in these adult visual novels are becoming more and more popular as well. There is another article written by someone else on here talking about incest being a very popular one as a example and watersports is also beginning to be looked up quite a bit as well and even in my own experience a lot more women are into things like that now compared to 15 years ago. It seems that these days you have to continue to push the envelope in terms of kinkiness in the bedroom in real life just as the kinkiness is constantly pushed in these games, which isn’t a bad thing by the way. With that being said how far will we push our boundaries in what we like and find sexy and will we push them far enough to where normal sex becomes boring?

I will end this article by repeating what i have said before. Morality in what is right and wrong and what should be allowed is subjective to each individual based on their culture and surroundings. There is no right and wrong answers because both sides have things to them that are good at getting us to a certain point in our society. All we can do is figure out what is right for our lives and live it as best we can and with all the options out there i do believe that there is something out there for everyone, whether it is going out on real dates or enjoying one of these beautifully made adult visual novels or both.


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1 year ago

It was good to read balance exists between real life things and visual novels so I try to enjoy both that was my thought during read.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nadadine1

very true indeed and balance in all things is good to strive for

1 year ago

Excellent article.

1 year ago
Reply to  MidnightMan

thank you for the kind words.