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I Clicked On A PornHub Game Ad, This is What Happened…

I want to tell you a story of something interesting that happened to be recently, and I want you to see if you can relate. So I was relaxing from a hard day of devving, watching some gay porn, and minding my own business when an ad popped up on my video. It was a type of ad I had seen many times before that was hard to ignore because of how brazen and straightforward it is. A 3D animation of Judy Hopps getting fucked from both ends by a tentacle beast played with a flashing message and robotic voice saying, “Try not to cum. You won’t last 30 seconds playing this game.” I’ve seen this ad in many forms before with various characters: Elsa and Anna, TF2 characters, Link, etc. All of them mocking me and taunting: Don’t cum. I know you won’t. I’ve played many adult games, but never have I come across one implying that the gameplay is so mind-blowingly good and sexually enticing that I would blow my load mere seconds after firing it up. So, for the sake of the community (and boredom), I decided that I would click on one of these ads and check it out for myself.

The ad that I witnessed.

These porn games are not like the games you’d find on Steam or Patreon. All of these ads lead you to websites that direct you to subscription services for adult games. While having adult-only gaming subscription services sounds awesome, things are not as they seem. All of these ads are managed by the adult advertising agency TrafficJunky, which reports that ads like these get an ungodly number of daily impressions (three billion). Each webpage usually starts with that illusion of being able to customize a character, usually their gender, sex partners, dick or breast size, and a questionnaire warning how addictive the games are and how anything can happen in these games and what my fetishes and kinks are. All flashing with images of erotic art which I know for a fact they stole from Twitter. And then they asked me for my credit card information because people in my location are apparently required by law to verify their age (which is a lie).

The website where this all started.

Anyway, this all ended with me having to put in my credit card information. All of the ball-churning, cum-blasting fun I can have for the low price of $39.99 per month after a three-day trial. The billing was being handled by some company called. “Vadoo Branding, LLC,” probably some fraudulent offshore operation taking advantage of no-so tech-savvy porn lovers who think they’re getting something good when in reality they’re just involuntarily participating in corporate findom. Now, I had no intentions of actually giving these people my money or playing along with this charade any further. My relaxing night was ruined, but I did get a deep look into the type of advertisements that PornHub and other sites like it allow be displayed in their advertisements. I guess I’ll just have to go to Twitter or Newgrounds if I want to see Judy Hopps getting tentacle fucked…

Another add just like it.

I had a lot of time to ponder over this ad, but I’m far from the first person to break the news about this. In 2020, a journalist from Vice News broke a similar story about the adult games being advertised on PornHub (which you can find here). And she touched on many of the same issues I came across, but she was able to get past the paywall and see the kinds of games that you can play and let me tell you, I’ve never been more flaccid. Such lovely titles included “Call Of Booty,” a Call of Duty knockoff with no sex, “Grand Fuck Auto,” a Grand Theft Auto 2 knockoff with no sex, “World of Whorecraft,” a World of Warcraft knockoff side-scroller with no sex, and a game called “Titris,” which almost installed a virus on her computer. She even pointed out that the hosting site for these games also directed some Safe for Work titles such as a coloring book game and online chess. Not exactly something someone looking to get off would appreciate.

Another porn site advertisement.

The journalist, Samantha Cole, looked at this from a purely journalistic perspective, but I wanted to look at it from an adult content creator’s perspective. When I first saw these types of ads, I was a bit stunned. It shocked me how a company as large as MindGeek that hosts so many porn sites would allow something like this on their website. Adult gaming is already so niche as it is, and considering that they own Nutaku, you’d think that more ad time would go to legitimate developers and games. I was also surprised that this sort of issue doesn’t get discussed more often. Porn sites aren’t exactly known for their truthful advertising; between pills offering to make your penis larger to dating sites that promised horny MILFs a meme miles away. Are advertising practices like this good for the adult entertainment world? Does any other industry allow itself to be mocked like this? Or is it no different from news sites hosting ads urging readers to buy investment courses or pre-made meals for the next financial disaster?  

As adult gaming gains more traction and exposure online and amongst the general gaming community, I would hope that larger services that host adult content would take note of the growing market and work to advertise accordingly. Ironically, Nutaku is owned by the same people that own PornHub, and many of these sites like XVideos, XNXX, and even XHamster have sections on their websites containing directories of legit adult games, so there is progress being made. Hopefully, we’ll get to a point in the not-so-distant future where advertisers are legitimate and sites work to keep scammers off. We wouldn’t need to try to cum so hard then, would we?

But that’s all I got to say about that! What do you think: Are advertisements like this bad for the adult gaming industry? Have you come across ads like this? What do you think should be done about ads like these, if anything? Let me know in the comments and thanks so much for reading!


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1 year ago

People can always advertise on Fair pricing, within a niche market.

1 year ago

What an idea! A interesting and great read!

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