OfficiallyGames June 30, 2021 How to organise your lewd games using Playnite

How to organise your lewd games using Playnite

Personally, I love organisation. I like everything to have a place and a purpose in that place, that includes on a computer too. So when I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, I wanted to have an organised way to store, locate and launch my games. At first, I had a main folder on my desktop called ‘XXX Games’ that contained 2 sub-folders; one called ‘XXX’ and the other called ‘Files’. Within the ‘XXX’ folder, it contained shortcuts to the .exe files of my lewd games. The ‘Files’ folder contained all the games files and information. Whenever I wanted to play one of my games, I would go into the ‘XXX’ folder and launch whichever one strikes my fancy.

After about a month of using this method, I soon realized how inefficient and how disorganised it really is. The only organised thing about it was that it was in alphabetical order. There was no organisation based on tags such as: Incest, 3D Game, Male Protagonist etc. No filtering of games, no way of knowing who developed which game without launching it and a bunch of other things that just annoyed me — especially that it looked so bland too. So I decided to do some research to try to find a free, easy to use software to organise and launch my lewd games. 

I first came across ‘LaunchBox’ but I personally found it difficult to navigate and configure. It also requires the sign in of game accounts of other game libraries such as steam if importing games and takes a long time to import the games from other libraries. So I kept on looking for the perfect solution to my organisation problem.

After about a week of researching different software’s, I found the perfect one. Playnite — A free open source video game manager. This was the solution to my problem with my lewd game organisation. Playnite allows you to add games with images, tags, links, descriptions and more. Plus, you are able to import your game library from other major launchers such as Steam and Epic Games, to have them all available in one place. Playnite is also able to run emulators if you are into that type of gaming. Please note that Playnite is only available on Windows machines (Windows 7 and up). Also, as of writing this, the current version of Playnite is 8.13.

Once you’ve finished reading this article, you will be able to have a fully organised library of your lewd game collection. Now before we start I should point out that I only play AVNs made in Ren’py, so the guide will be more centred around that, but the concept is the same and will work for other games (Easier for your lewd games you have via Steam as you can automatically import them). Throughout the guide I will be using My New Family as the example game that I will be adding to the library. 

Firstly, I suggest having all of your games located in one centralised place. I personally have all of my Ren’py files/games on an external hard drive. This will make it easier to locate and set up your games. Once that is done, you will want to download Playnite from and install the software on your PC. You can either download the installer (which will install the software into your PC programme files) or you can download the portable version (A .zip file of the software). I use the portable version on my external hard drive, so I can easily play my lewd game collection on any PC or Laptop. I will also be using the portable version throughout the guide, but there is no difference between portable and installer, so use whichever suits your needs.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you will want to launch the software. The installer should do this once done installing and in the portable version launch the file ‘Playnite.DesktopApp’ which will launch the software in desktop mode which is the easiest way to add games. (You can launch in fullscreen if you want later). On first time launch, you will come across a window that looks like this:

Simply click ‘Next’ which will bring you to the ‘Library integration’ where you can import your games from other launchers such as Steam, Origin, etc. Just select the libraries you want to import. I personally don’t select any on a first time setup just to make things easier (which is what we will do in this guide). Click on ‘Next’ again, and you will be brought to ‘Configuration Finished’ where you can just click ‘Finish’ or ‘Begin the Emulation Import Wizard’. We will just be clicking ‘Finish’. When you do that, Playnite will launch in desktop mode. This is what you will see when it is first loaded:

I first suggest clicking on the bell at the top with the ‘1’, to make sure that Playnite is up-to-date. Once you’ve made sure that it is, we can now add our first game. Click on the Playnite logo in the top left corner, then hover over ‘Add Game’ then click on ‘Manually…’ 

Once you have clicked on ‘Manually…’ this window will appear:

Here you can add the name of the game, the developer (which will be added to a list to select from when adding other games), tags (which again, will be saved to a list) and more details that are self-explanatory. Once you have filled in the basic information like I have here with My New Family:  

You can then go to the ‘Media’ section where you can add ‘Covers’, ‘Background’ and ‘Icon’ images. You can even use the .exe file to add the icon image. I tend to use images I like from the game or the menu/cover images for the Playnite images. Also, if a game doesn’t have an official icon on the .exe file, with Ren’py you can usually find an icon image within the image\gui folder – though you may have to use UnRen to gain access to it. If you can’t find one at all then what I usually do is make my own – usually a Love Interests face or game initials, just make sure the resolution is 256x256px (PNG images do work, doesn’t need to be an ICON file) Once done, like I have here with My New Family:

You can then navigate to the ‘Actions’ section which is where we will set up launching the game. When on ‘Actions’ click on ‘Add Play Action’ so it then looks like this:

You then select the type of file you want to launch, since we’re using a Ren’py game we will stick with ‘Executable’. Then on the path section you can either type the directory of the .exe file you want to launch, or you can click on the three dots buttons on the right-hand side which will bring up File Explorer. From there, you can locate and select the .exe file that you want to launch when you press ‘Play’. Once done, click ‘Save’ and this is about how it should look:

To launch your game, simply press ‘Play’. The ‘More’ button can be used for other actions such as launching short stories, which is what I do.  Now you’re currently in the ‘details’ view, which is my preferred choice, but it’s your preference. You have a choice of 3 view types: Details, Grid and List. To change which view you’re on, use the 3 dots at the top of the page, right of the search bar. The different view types can be seen below (using my main collection):

Details View
Grid View (Cover images would usually be seen, but I don’t use them since I don’t like them visible on the Details View I use)

List View

Now you may find the plain light blue on dark blue colour scheme boring, and also noticed that I have a red on dark blue colour scheme. Well, Playnite allows the use of ‘Themes’ within settings\appearance\general. (Settings can be accessed by pressing F4 or clicking on the Playnite logo and then settings). I personally use the ‘Default Red’ theme, but you can use anyone you like using the prebuilt themes, or you can download themes from the Playnite Forum which you download, double click and install. I suggest adding a couple test games, then have a play around with the themes, settings etc. and see what you prefer. Some themes can dramatically change the appearance – can even make it like you’re playing on a console (Oh yes, Playnite also has controller support too). 

I hope that you found this guide easy to follow and that I have helped your lewd gaming experience by having some sexy organisation of your lewd game collection using Playnite. 


Hey! I'm 'OfficiallyGames' and also go by 'OG'. I started playing lewd games back in March 2020, the first game I played was 'Witch Trainer: Silver Mod' but it was 'Sisterly Lust' and 'My New Family' that got me hooked. Since then I have been inspired to become an AVN developer myself.

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4 months ago

Does this tool look for version updates on sites like Itchio by any chance? That would make it so helpful.

4 months ago

I ran across this Playnite extension that makes adding game data much quicker. I wish it could be a bit smarter for bulk adds, but you can go in one by one after a bulk add and use the extension to add the game info.

4 months ago

I’ve been wanting an app like this, and this does sound useful. Pity it’s Windows only, as I use Linux

4 months ago
Reply to  Jarulf

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few Linux solutions floating around. We’ll try look into that.

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