Slack October 8, 2021 Five Sensuous Sisters – A tribute to the Siblings we Love

Five Sensuous Sisters – A tribute to the Siblings we Love

As long as there have been adult games, so have there been sisters to romance. Alas, the most popular taboo continues to be prevalent. So that’s why today I’ve brought you just a few examples of my favorite sisters in adult gaming.

Lily – MIST

You don’t meet Lily until quite a bit into the game. Her initially cold demeanor begets warmer moments as the player gets to know her.


by 395games
Engine: Ren'Py
Genre(s): 3D CG Adventure Animated Fantasy Harem Male Protagonist Horror
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Jenny – Summertime Saga

At the start of Summertime Saga, Jenny’s relationship with our MC is one of little love. But as the player progresses her story, the dynamics of their kinship changes quite a bit. She’s one wild ride that’s for sure.

Summertime Saga

by Kompas Productions
Engine: Ren'Py
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Bella – Sisterly Lust

On your first meeting, Bella might seem like a real stuck-up that hates your guts. But if you stick with her, you’ll find her a sweet, warm and sexy older sister.

Sisterly Lust

by Perverteer
Engine: Ren'Py
Genre(s): Harem Romance 3D CG
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Lauren – Once in a Lifetime

If I had to stereotype, Lauren would be the ‘athletic’ sister from Once in a Lifetime. She’s charming in her own right and sensual in every meaning of the word.

Once in a Lifetime

by Caribdis
Engine: Ren'Py
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Veronica – Man of the House

Finally, we’ve got Veronica. And like Bella, she might initially come off as harsh. But different from her is that Veronica can get way kinkier. There’s just something about a submissive older sister that sits well with me.

And that’s all from me. These girls are just a few examples of some sisters that I found interesting. If you’d like to share your favorites, please do in the comments!


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Manka Games
Manka Games
7 months ago

This is a great list! We want to make a game about brother-sister love, but Patreon doesn’t want it.

6 months ago
Reply to  Manka Games

That doesn’t have to stop you, though. People get away with the thinnest disguises.